Mauve tops

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by Logan44551, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    Guys my mauve tops are like pinkish tops not black is this fine? Says number 45 on it.
  2. mr_meanor

    mr_meanor Member

    Black and mauves are different. I just saw a lot 45 recently so I would say your prolly good
  3. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Lol guessing you're joking? Mauve is a color.. Hence... Mauve tops... Cuz the plastic is... Mauve

    Just like black tops are called black tops cuz they're black

    Grey tops, now those are called Grey tops and they have a Grey top
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  4. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    For some reason in my head maybe was like a tan color, then I got a batch of them and was like, why doesn't he call them pink tops
  5. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Probably so he can laugh at everyone misspelling it
  6. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    Well I did hear that the Mauve Tops were same as Black tops but 12 IU rather than 15 IU.
  7. mr_meanor

    mr_meanor Member

    Thats what TPs autolist states
  8. Boss Brady 12

    Boss Brady 12 Member

    anyone order from TP domestic lately?
  9. Ambiguous

    Ambiguous Member

    My last order was short 1 kit and I’m not getting a response. I’d wait to see how my situation plays out
  10. Boss Brady 12

    Boss Brady 12 Member

    Great already ordered guess he has different idea of mauves in stock like he told me!
  11. Yosyrj

    Yosyrj Member

    Why ordering from TP when he’s in his second round in several boards giving away free hgh to everyone
    All u have to do is answer what brand of hgh u used before and if u did blood test
    For a source to b giving away so much hgh, makes me wonder
    And if it wasn’t enough on top of that he announced a sale till Jan 31 st
    So far he’s bad at getting response back to you and his domestic service takes longer that Int service
    But he has free hgh for everyone
    You got a kit
    You got a kit
    Everyone got a kit
    He’s like Oprah. Lol
  12. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    TP has been in this many years. Probably the biggest generic supplier. The amount of money he's made, he could give away free Hgh and not think about it
  13. Mayne

    Mayne Member

    You are an idiot, we all know your agenda by now. It is outlined why the giveaway is being done, what do you even have to wonder about? Also the giveaway is enough to just know if you have real rhGH and if you actually wanna run a proper duration you have to purchase more. I have had a misunderstanding with TP about 1 purchase from the 4 in total I have made with him which was handled properly and timely. Do you think dude is traveling around the globe every day to deliver everything in person? There are many hubs which are usually the mistake and it requires time for the communication to reach inbetween. Also there is almost always a sale going on with TP even if I wonder what would that have to do with anything and what is the point in mentioning it now?
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  14. rock2398

    rock2398 Junior Member

    How can I reach TP? I wanna get these sale mauves too.
  15. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    How much he want for a kit
  16. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    They're cheap as hell, well under $100
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  17. lilhawk

    lilhawk Member

    Good quality GH for under $100 per kit lol.
  18. VaDImadi

    VaDImadi Member

    I've just got his price list now and yeah I was shocked at the prices

    They aren't just slightly under 100 either they're quite a bit under

    People are rating them though

  19. Mayne

    Mayne Member

    Yeah I also wonder how is that possible given that rhGH production would require at a minimum cold fusion, dark matter and a particle accelerator which must be used only for 1 IU and then disposed of and new one acquired of each. Either that or pharmaceutical companies charge insane mark up to wait for it make more money, wonder which is the more likely to be the reason
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  20. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Who knows on the first part but we all know pharma companies jack the price up on stuff insane amounts.

    What does it cost you to make 500ml of test cyp vs what does rite aid sell 10ml for?