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    I will answer this post a little later. Thanks for asking.
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    Good Evening KERI..

    I almost forgot to reply to you/inquire further on your response - which - I GREATLY appreciate(after going on that "psycho-RANT").. LOL - I had a question... I don't recall your history(Apologies, and I DO know we have a light Rapport which I enjoy). But my primary thoughts were - ARE YOU CURRENTLY ON TRT or ANY FORM of "Wellness or hormone therapy"..?

    OR are you citing me the verses from an "unsupplemented perspective"..?

    Cause really my first thoughts reading your response to mine was this. I RECALL greatly the first time I endeavored TRT, but really as an intended "Steroid Cycle". I was about 35 and starting to decline in my ability to make comebacks after long layoffs. I knew something was changing. Even with metabolism speed, joints, and sex function. So I did my research and WOUND UP HERE getting most of my first information. The PLAN was to "Cycle 400-600mgs/wk test cyp and possibly front load DBOL. I ordered some international based prepared "Kit" which also came with enought Novladex to take 20mgs/day for the entire cycle. But of course I am the CONSERVATIVE TYPE :rolleyes:;):p - So I wound up starting slow and staying STRICTLY to the test cyp. I even recall it was some Pakistani or Indian brand with a fancy named PEANUT OIL as the primary solvent.. LOL It went something like this... Week 1- 200mgs, week 2 - 200mgs, week 3 - 400mgs, Wk 4 - 600 mgs; and eventually working up to about 800 mgs per week by weeks 11&12 and PRIOR TO BACKING down. The PLAN, was to WEAN OFF the cyp, and then a MEDICAL STYLE "SINGLE BOLT" 5000iu hcg pin to restart around week 18 and after waiting exactly 2 weeks post my last pin of cyp at 200mgs. It really worked beautifully - BUT ONLY PERTAINING TO RESTART. I recall even by the 90th day off cycle that I even had sperm in the tank again (and believe me, my nutz were never so small as the first week I pinned 800mgs as it was like they shiveled up to marbles overnight - LOL) To be clear I never touched the DBOL or nolva. But I did pin the HCG I think in two 2500iu shots over ten days I think..

    UGGGHHHH..! I just cant SHUT THE FUK UP CAN I ..!!!!>>>!!!!?
    The POINT, is that I figured out pretty quick that "Steroids" were no "Superman Cape"- AT LEAST as far as testosterone went. But I DID NOTE the following when supplementing...
    1) I got rid of the SFT (Sore Feet Syndrome) that sets in around 32..
    2) I noticed incredible PUMPS. So extreme that even "fast walking" the neighborhood between gym sessions, my calves would get so freaking pumped it would feel like I was about to just stove up and fall over sideways, and only after 1/4 mile.
    3) I EVENTUALLY REALIZED that the one TRUE benefit I was getting from the test supplementing was RECOVERY. Soreness from working out was a thing of the past. I really took me a while to realize this cause I was so busy expecting more. Some words like - "Overtraining is the most common failure/mistake in Steroid Cycling" started to make more sense...
    4) I noticed more/better overall energy throughout the day. But I suspect ONLY as a consequence to the hard work in the gym, and not the extra supply of test...
    5) I learned how bad a racquetball can feel on a "Sensitive NIP"..! LOL

    *** And to be clear, my exercise regimen was inclusive of a general workout more so as "fitness oriented" rather than strength training. As I was trying to gain both strength and cardiovascular capacity, while also loosing fat. I had the diet tweaked pretty good and light too.

    But the issues you complain of/ or MENTION just sound like the ONLY REAL THINGS that Testosterone alleviates.

    So without having to review all you past posts and any history with us, could you please humor my buzineszzz; and refresh me...:
    1) Are you currently on TRT?
    2) How extensive is your history with AAS and heavy weight training?
    3) Would you consider yourself and one who really focuses on DIET, or do you just eat what you want "with some minor restraint"..and historically too??

    Thanks in advance..!:)

    AND YES @ the 70 year old duder stroking 100's on the Bell-Presses. That is GOOD WORK and I ALSO anticipate some genetic "gifts" are in play.. Thats some strong Discipline - Congratulations...!:)

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