Meadows new Creeping Death 2

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by showstoppa, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. showstoppa

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    So Meadows came out with a new creeping death program this week called creeping death 2. Does anybody have it yet?

    If anyone gets it and wants to trade I am willing to do the following

    In exchange I would complete you Meadows collection, give you a custom program by him, give you 3 custom diets by him, the workout of the month collection from him, the building the beast seminar from him. Also would give you the following

    Scott Stevenson fortitude training, virgin voyage and no show no go

    Jordan Peter's extreme lean and massive and also his brand new program high frequency overload

    Complete thibarmy collection including the neurotyping programs, all five, and the complete absolute series including videos

    Complete the online coach collection

    Complete strength and rehab collection(sadik hodzovik)

    Furious pete- his 2 books plus a custom power building program from him

    Complete barbell medicine template collection

    Kizen collection which includes most of the collection and includes new power building program

    Ben Pollack collection which includes the new powerbuilding program

    Complete Andy Baker collection

    Chris Jones and hoe ready collection

    Custom diet by apex contest prep

    Complete Jeff Nippard collection

    Plus some others.

    It will 200 well spent as you won't have to buy anything else prolly ever to get to your goals.
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    How much?
  3. PowerBuilder95

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    i am willing to buy all this to you too
  4. showstoppa

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  5. showstoppa

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    Somebody sent it to me so deal is done. If you want it and wanna trade pm me
  6. Do you have the newest Jeff Nippard book?
  7. showstoppa

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    Yes I do. If you would like to do a trade pm me.