"meat consumption c-reactive protein diabetes Rotterdam"


First, It looks like they used the Freaky-Deeky-Doiechhh for this study. They dont eat meat do they..:eek:[:eek:)] LOL But they did mention "canned meat".. LOL ( I really have to wonder if they qualified SPAM)

It makes sense but the study is fucked from the get go considering that meat protein and fat is going to take a heavy insulin response for a LONG period of time due to the nature of the calories. And Considering that shit just sticks to you gutz trying to NEVER Shart out... ... ...

But there is no question that eating meat is going to strain a pancreas from a "depth" capacity, as opposite to a glycemic "Spike" capacity. I suspect EITHER is equally detrimental long term..

Personally I like a nice red meat dietary base driver with a beer and cola topper for good measure:). Just some pennies for the jar...