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    Welcome to America General Hospital! Seems you have an oozing head injury there. Let’s check your insurance. Okay, quick “heads up” — ha! — that your plan may not cover everything today. What’s that? You want a reasonable price quote, upfront, for our services? Sorry, let me explain a hospital to you: we give you medical care, then we charge whatever the hell we want for it.

    If you don’t like that, go fuck yourself and die.

    Honestly, there’s no telling what you’ll pay today. Maybe $700. Maybe $70,000. It’s a fun surprise! Maybe you’ll go to the ER for five minutes, get no treatment, then we’ll charge you $5,000 for an ice pack and a bandage. Then your insurance company will be like, “This is nuts. We’re not paying this.” Who knows how hard you’ll get screwed? You will, in three months.

    Fun story: This one time we charged two parents $18,000 for some baby formula. LOL! We pull that shit all the time. Don’t like it? Don’t bring a baby, asshole.

    Oh, I get it: you’re used to knowing a clear price for products and services. The difference is that medicine is complicated and scary — unlike, say, flying hundreds of people in a steel tube across an ocean, or selling them a six-ounce hand-held computer that plays movies and talks to satellites. Anyway, no need to think this through rationally while you’re vulnerable, right? Your head is really gushing, ma’am.

    Sure we could start posting prices and discussing our costs, but then it turns into a public debate about transparency, and people get all huffy and self-righteous about $15 pills of Tylenol, $93 to turn on a single goddamned light, or $5,000 worth of sanitary gloves. We’d rather just mail you a bill later for $97,000, full of obscure medical codes you can’t understand. Oh, you like understanding things? Here, maybe this will help:

    Hit your head, and talk to a doctor for one minute? $2,500, you idiot.

    Want your pesky appendix out? That’ll probably be $33,611. Or it could be $180,000. Shrug. Don’t know. Don’t care.

    Need an hour in the ER? How does $15,000-$50,000, sound? Hint: we don’t give a piss how it sounds you stupid fucking helpless human wallet.

    Our medical system strikes you as “insane?” Well, you can’t do much about that now. Except of course to go fuck yourself. Yes, ma’am, as a matter of fact, we do have a special room where you can go fuck yourself. Yes, it does cost money to use the room, and no I cannot tell you how much. Want a hint? It’s between $1 and $35,000 per minute. Will you be reserving the go fuck yourself room?

    Oh, you think you think we’re cruel and illogical? Well, no one forced you to come here. It’s your decision, you head-injured meatball. Feel free to go out into the parking lot and just die. I suggest you do that out in section F. Try to lean your corpse against a light pole. Our dead body disposal fee is $3.75 and is not covered by your shitty, confusing, out-of-network medical plan.

    So, will you be dying in our parking lot today, you pathetic, impotent, walking insurance code? Okay, great! Your husband will get a bill for that soon, and if he doesn’t like it, he can fuck himself too.
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    Sad how real that shit is.
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    I'm going into the medical business. Audio video is for the birds...
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    Sad but true...
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    I'm sure you guys have heard about Dan the bodybuilder from Thailand. Right now he's in a hospital in Columbia.
    Infected the shit out of his leg and now has necrosis. Spent $10,000 on the first surgery, trying to raise 30,000 the cover upcoming surgeries.
    A lot of people think you should come back to the USA, personally I bet he's getting just as good a treatment down south and for a fraction of the cost. Is GoFundMe dollar will certainly go further
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    Better medical care than the US...? Is saving a few K worth dying? Columbia isn’t holding a candle to US healthcare capability...
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    Their infant mortality rate isn't a whole lot different than ours.
    I really don't think is that the United States Healthcare System is all it's cracked up to be. I'm sure there's some great doctors and great hospitals, but there's some shitholes and idiots out there too
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    Absolutely true. Its all fucked. Top to bottom. Front to back. It doesnt end there. The insurance companies are a big part too. And dont forget the govt while your at it! What planet are we on where the govt can come in and make it illegal for you NOT to carry and pay for their shitty insurance package. And enforce their newly created law by "taxing" you, another convenient word for stealing, for your audacity to not support their insane plans. Their plans you may not even be able to afford. Regardless big govt is gonna get theirs. Afford it? Like it? Dont care says big G. The low income earners need you to carry them. So saddle up cowboy. Gonna carry it like it or not. Even if it bankrupts you. Were gonna mold all that hard work and life you made for yourself and your family and take it away by legislation and give it to those that cant, wont or dont. Kinda like Robin Hood cept you aint rich and we dont give a fuck.


    Socialism and the democratic party
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    The captilasm and Republican party version is also fucked.
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  10. i remember hearing about that on TV. There is no standard cost for a given treatment or test or what have you.

    Kinda shady. All you need is one doctor with a god complex that thinks his time is more valuable than the next guys, and you're paying that bill for the next 20 years.
  11. Demondosage

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    Health insurance is a scam, it's the biggest scam going in America
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    Don’t forget the $611 billion dollar military budget! Go fuck yourself Trump!
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    Has anyone ever looked into the thing they call Health share? Seems to be church-related.
    Does it really work or is it also just a big scam. Heck I'd find religion if it help me with health insurance cost
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    And who has fucked with us lately? That's right...NOBODY!!
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    Fuck with us and get a MOAB delivered the next day, I'll gladly support that!
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    Hahah, yawn!!
    Keep drinking the kool aid Homie!
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    You can buy a lot of Moab bombs with 600 billion dollars.
  18. flenser

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    IRS, TSA, Homeland Security, FBI, state and local police. I'm sure I'm forgetting some other branches of the police state that rose as a direct result of the US military fucking with other countries.

    That's good, because you don't have a fucking choice. You have to support it.
  19. flenser

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    For the record, you can dispute pretty much any charge on a hospital bill. It's more difficult to collect on medical bills than kick out a dead beat renter. Hospitals will definitely reduce stupid charges if you complain. They will also give you a quote for a procedure if you ask before signing the consent form.
  20. Demondosage

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    So homeland security, FBI, state and local police are messing with you now? The US military is causing all of this by fucking with other countries?