Meditrope Black Top #31 IGF-1 Results

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    IGF-1.jpg igf-1 came in a 489 on 5iu per day (2.5iu am and 2.5iu pm). That is treating each bottle as 15ius. All injections are IM in my thighs.
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    Another quiet Saturday and I feel like throwing yet another monkey wrench here.

    Do you guys believe igf-1 levels between 350 - 450 really do contribute for visible muscle gains, or it is just in your head?

    I am sure Rich Piana did not become a monster with 450ng/ml. However, I'd love (gross) to read his autopsy report - the size of his internal organs in particular. I guess 10-20 IU Pharma / day can make you big and famous (and kill ya at age of 46), but is 3-5 IU /day really makes a difference or it is just a myth and waste of money.

    Not bitching, just trying to broaden my horizons and learn...
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    So Google it. It's been posted dozens of times

    Also I have several national level friends in the 260+ range who don't go beyond 6-8iu
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    Interesting. How many ius do you run while on a blast ?
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    6iu year round except if I start running low I do 4iu while I wait for the next order to come in

    My friend is in prep right now, shw national guy and he's on 5iu pharma at the moment
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    I used just AAS for 10 years before i was convinced to try HGH. Did everything under the sun (tren, deca, adrol, dbol, eq, superdrol, etc...) i was just like most skeptical people saying same thing as you that is it really worth the money. Well put it this way. Now all i use is HGH at 5iu per day and testosterone (400-1000mg per week depending on whether off or on season) with .25mg adex per day. I look the best ive ever looked and its thanks to the HGH. My coach cant believe how i look and its even changed his mind about whether or not tren and all the other toxic junk out there is even worth taking. My bloodwork is better at 37 then it was at 27. I will never ever come off HGH and i will never ever go back to relying on toxic junk like oral steroids or trenbelone. So take it for what its worth. I spend $250 a month on my HGH and its worth every penny. im glad i was talked into trying it 10 years ago cause ive never gotten better advice from anyone. Worth every damn penny. And the most important thing to remember is this is a LONG TERM commitment. You see your physique and health improve over years. Not months or days. But the longer you stay committed the more unbelievable the results are.
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    Thank you. Interesting read, indeed.
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    When i first started it was the jintropin, hygetropin and riptropins that i used and they were excellent. Ive tried the kefeis which labs came back good. But since the meditropin has been around they are my go to brand. Lately they are getting harder and harder to get so in 6 months when my currently supply runs out if they are still hard to get i will be switching over to the grey tops which i hear are amazing as well. Ive been spoiled with these meditropin because 15iu was same price as these grey tops are for 10iu. But all good things dont last forever so i will be happy to switch over to the grey tops if and when the time comes. So my advice is if you can go with the meditropins that would be my #1 pick, then #2 would be the grey tops and my #3 would be the kefeis. This is based from my personal experience in the past 24 months and what is currently on the market.
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    I personally dont see any need to go any higher than that. i believe for health benefits and long term lean muscle development 4-6iu is perfect (2-3iu in am and 2-3iu in pm). And is very cost effective if you have the right generic from the right source. $10 per day isnt much. Just go out to the movies and out to eat less often if you are on tight budget. Thats the way ive always looked at it. most people these days spend $300 on a weekend on bullcrap
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    I don't think xxIU should be the benchmark. Looks like everyone processes it differently, plus added variables (batch to batch etc.)

    One should have target igf-1 level instead. Just my opinion.
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    I noticed a 100% diff when I started up blacks at 5iu a day. From not running anything
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    Some people convert IGF-1 differently as well. Ive seen guys run 5iu of these meditropes im using and only have IGF-1 scores in the 300s then they'll bump it up to 7.5iu and no change in IGF-1. I think at some point your body only converts what it can convert. I find 5iu is the sweet spot for me and most cost efficient. Only getting labs done every 6 months for 8 years have i been able to find out my best dosages. That goes for my testosterone and adex usage as well. Even my OTC health supplements.
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  14. My first cycle on GH was only 2 iu every night. Gained between 8-10 lbs. over the 6 months i was on it. igf-1 levels were pulled 3x and ranged from 405-456. This was on Blacktops (PD) treated as 15iu per. In the process of obtaining my next batch. I think based on the above case studies the only way to find your effective dose is to start on the low side, give yourself 4-6 wks and check levels. I'm sold on GH....the key is finding quality at a reasonable price
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    Thanks for getting this done OP