Melanotan II for Libidio and Erections

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    bmd3287 Junior Member

    So, I just bought some melanotan 2 from Cem Meso. I am using this as a way to increase libido and spontaneous erections. viagra and cialis work for me sometimes but have not done much for me unless I am really horny. I'm thinking about using them in conjunction with M2. I could care less about the tanning aspect. I've heard great things about it's effect on libido and ED. What is a good dose for this desired effect? one step short of priapism cause a 3-4 hour erection sounds pretty good. lol. 2mg? 1mg? 0.5mg?

    Do I have to take it everyday or could I just use prior to sex? How long does it take for these effects to kick in? and is it best injected subQ or intramuscular?

    Also, according to Cem Meso, "Each kit contains 10 ML of sterile solution and 10 MG's of melanotan ii". So, 1CC would equal 1mg?

    is there anything I could take alongside the M2 to help with the nausea side effect?

    I am 6 foot, 200lbs if that makes any difference on dosage.
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    MR10X Member

    I am doing 1mg a day now,i started with 1/2mg for 2 days then upped it to 1mg.i dont get nausious at all.It definately works better than viagra and cialis.the recomended dose is 1 to 11/2mg a day,but i am happy with 1mg.definately makes you tan faster and darker also.
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    bmd3287 Junior Member

    What about dosage frequency? Do I have to take it everyday for this effect or could I just use prior to sex? How long does it take for the effects to kick in? and is it best injected subQ or intramuscular?
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    MR10X Member

    I have been using for a week now with 1mg injections daily about 6pm,i did them at this time after work to see if i would get nasious which i are suppose to sart at a low dose .25mg and gadually work up to 1 to11/2mg daily. it took a few days for it to kick in but it seems like yor good to go after about couple of hours and it seems to last into the next mornig if you like a morning slice....I inject it in my glute ith a 30ga 1/2ince insuline syringe,but you can do it in your stomace if you like.If you use an insulin syringe you might want to use 5mil of water instead of 20 so you wont have to use so much in the insulin syring which is 1ml or .5mil,1mg would be .5mil if you use 5ml of water to mix the powder.
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    bmd3287 Junior Member

    is there any difference between M2 and PT-141? I would rather not have the tanning effect and PT-141 is cheaper, but are they of the same strength as far as sexual sides go?
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    MR10X Member

    I havnt used PT-141.....
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    toothache Junior Member

    PT-141 is what is in melanotan that gives it the 'increase in libido' property.
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    The mg dosage required for each is similar. If anything, perhaps the PT-141 may allow a somewhat lower dosage for same prosexual effect.

    melanotan II isn't practical for ongoing prosexual use because quickly the total dosage used would be much more than is reasonable for tanning: the effect is cumulative.
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    956vette Junior Member

    mg per mg bremelanotide and melanotan 2 are the same for the aphrodisiac

    Yes, PT-141 is the same as far as sexual sides go

    Read about the window of opportunity. Do not need to take it everyday for effect. Prior to game time you will want to have injected subq PT-141 2-4 hours before.

    First time you should try either 250 or 500mcg. It may be that you are one who desires a 1-2mg to find that out via patient escalation of the dose.

    Try 1mg PT-141 and 5-10mg cialis and be set through the weekend
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    Stretch Member

    I don't get it.

    What do you mean "set for the weekend"? Are you sayin its gonna be "up" for the whole weekend?? Who'd want that??

    Pardon my ignorance, I'm only 25
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    956vette Junior Member

    Only when the wind blows....

    My reference was aimed more at the crowd who understands cialis usage already. Combining a PDE5 and melanotropin is an advanced experience
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    Stretch Member

    Well now you got me curious again....what do you mean "advanced experience"? What happens when u combine 'em?
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    vpiedu Member

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    956vette Junior Member

    My creative writing abilities are lacking. Many in this audience understand the aphrodisiac from melanotan II/PT-141 as well as cialis/viagra/etc. Not sure how to put the cocktail together and into words. Look out for the clinical study of subcutaneously administered bremelanotide PT-141, as a monotherapy and as a combination therapy with a PDE-5 inhibitor...believe this was underway late 2010.
    PT-141 Doses and Experiences
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    tballz Junior Member

    Awesome info!

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