Melanotan II


I haven't tanned or taken it for months and I'm still dark... How long have you been off of it kawilt??
I was off for about a year and a half, I think. It was a long time. And I noticed even after that long a time I never got those prominent tan lines you usually get after going to the beach half the day. I seem to have permanently darkened, not a lot but, as I said, my color never seemed to go back to the original "white" that it was. Maybe the good doctor, if he reads this, can make a comment.


I haven't used any for about 3 months. Every place that is still exposed to the sun is tan. The other parts lightened up a bit. My moles don't look black anymore.


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Let me ask a quick question. So will 10 mg get a nice tan. I suppose that's around 20 doses.
likely, but I would get 20mg just to be sure and after 10mg building a tan the other 5-10 will coast you for like a year, pin small amount 1-2x a month, tan once each month maybe. but people do differ from skin type to skin type.


Bought some melanotan II today in hopes of keeping atleast a slight tan throughout the winter months. Not looking for a tan that makes me look like I have been vacationing in Hawaii, but just some color. Probably will take a small maintenance dose after loading and tan maybe once or twice a month and see what happens.

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