Melting point of test e and NPP

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    Hey guys,

    Maybe the home brewing guys have more knowledge in that matter. I try to find a logical explanation why the maximum storage temperature of the most gear is below 30C.

    Basically I am interested if the melting point for test e and NPP, which is roughly 35-45 is the degradation point as well? Or in other words if the temperature of the final oil reach the melting point temperature can the gear be destroyed?

    Referring to my threat here Steroid storage conditions - again and again
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    Compounds can be brought up to the melting points safely. Example of your NPP, melting point is around 245F. The hormone will not be destroyed at this temp. Also if the bb is added to the compound before heating, the bb will be doing most of the work of melting the powder into solution thereby allowing much lower temperature to be used. The reason for the lower storage temperature is due to accelerated degradation if stored in higher temp environments.
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    Above is true. You don't need to sweat max temp but all stuff lasts longer in cool, dry, dark place.

    Melting point is turning to liquid not degradation. equipoise and test e have low melting points such that they can be liquid or liquidy when shipped or at room temp.