Member PM's begging for a source

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robfromga, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    I know I'm not the only one that gets them. Besides just ignoring them, how do you handle it?
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  2. Eman

    Eman Member

  3. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    That's why there was 4 new ones in my inbox this morning . That's actually brilliant.... @Eman is my new source...I'll send them all your way :p:p:p
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  4. Eman

    Eman Member

    Count yourself lucky... I tell everyone to send dick pics to @jaymaximus.

    He's never complained about it though, oddly enough.
  5. Dw725

    Dw725 Member

    I feel left out. I've never got a pm soliciting anything since I've been here...
  6. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    Too funny!!!
  7. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    I just give them an address to send cash to. Then I block them. Stupid tax I figure.
  8. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    Someone, who never posts asked me for a source.
    I asked for pics of his girlfriend...he sent them:p
    How desperate are these folks?
    No I didn't give any info .
  9. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    I've gotten a few from @jaymaximus asking for dic pics.
  10. MCFC

    MCFC Member

    God damn @Gbro where did those tits in your AVI come from? Didn't you have another pair there at one time or am I gettin you confused with someone else?
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  11. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Yeah he changes it up every once in a while. They are all his lady I think.

    Except his very first avi which was this super fucked up weird shit that still grosses me out.
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  12. Johnny442

    Johnny442 Member

    Damn, no one ever ask me for a source or dick pics!
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  13. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    As soon as I posted this someoms asked me.
  14. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    same titties, different pic
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  15. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    Show me the original gross one
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  16. Oldschool

    Oldschool Member

    We all love her gbro!
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  17. Praeceptorem

    Praeceptorem Member

    Can Somone give me a source? Just askin need it for a friend.
  18. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Well, you could always solicit via PM with some dick pics. :D
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  19. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    Hey bro I got you

    Tell him I sent u
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  20. Praeceptorem

    Praeceptorem Member

    I was being sarcastic . Running some bgs test c. It must be made with mig or Mtc shit is clear and like water!