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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by DeVille Papo, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. DeVille Papo

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    Will be making Ment for the first time soon. I'll be using MCT oil as my carrier. What's the minimum BA and BB I could use for making it at 50mg/ml? Would 1% BA, 10% BB hold?
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  2. DeVille Papo

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    No MENT fans here?
  3. master.on

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    What Trestolone ester is it?
    i.e. there's a huge solubility difference among acetate and decanoate
  4. mdhx3

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    I made some for a guy 1%BA & 15%BB in MCT and it held. He was happy with it.
    I could never run that stuff. I'd have double Ds in a week lol
    It was trestolone acetate.
  5. DeVille Papo

    DeVille Papo Member

    Acetate brother
  6. DeVille Papo

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  7. master.on

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    You need to run nolva along Ment as its estrogenic derivative doesn't show in bloodwork.
  8. mdhx3

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    Yes. Sorry, I forgot to list the concentration.
  9. DeVille Papo

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    Gotcha, thanks bro. I'll probably try that out. Don't like going above 1% BA
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  10. Holidaypay

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    Please keep us updated how it works out very interested in ment any recipes for long esters
  11. DeVille Papo

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    Will do breh
  12. onslaughter

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    I've yet to get real ment...
    I think this is the issue most have with it.
    Might as well do high test/tren will all the sides.

    However I read somethin about not being hard on prostate.

    Anyway....home brew ment should be same standard oil recipe. Unless it's like drol that's meant to be oral. Idk inject drol is a painful crystal bitch when you convert to injectable (without nasty chems)
  13. Jstone2

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    Bullshit ment is a 19nor, and its estrogenic activity is highly exaggerated.
  14. superbane

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    So you’re saying the gyno is prolactin and that’s why the AI’s suck at dealing with ment.
    Why most people use nolva ...
    Hmmm that is an interesting theory and would explain things further.

    How did you find out it is a 19nor ?
  15. master.on

    master.on Member

    Here's the Trestolone molecule


    Here's the steroid ring numbering system
    As you can see in the 19 position it has an -H for hydrogen
    not a larger mark for methyl, CH3

    like, testosterone does for example

    So yes, Trestolone is a 19-Nor
    nice find @Jstone2
  16. Jstone2

    Jstone2 Member

    It's been so long since I looked into ment. Ment does aromatase, just not as much as it's made out to be. It does cause progesterone to raise more, and that's probably what accounts for most thinking it raises estrogen. It also converts to a certain form of estradiol that is more potent. If you look around you can find the info pretty easy.
  17. m314

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    I just made some trest ace tonight at 50 mg/ml with 1% BA and 18% BB. I made this batch with miglyol 840 instead of my usual GSO. I'm sure I could have gotten away with less BB at this concentration.

    I have lots of experience with trest ace, but I haven't tried it from this source yet.