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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nervje, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. nervje

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    So uh basically, im on the verge of me relarionship breaking down, havent seen my (ex) girlfriend in 3 weeks, and on Friday were about to have a date again.

    She wants me to surprise her, so anyone has a suggestion on what bitches love and makes their heart melt?

    Im not talking sexual or such things, but you know, maybe the romantic kinda things that are good to do when youre trying to start over again.

    Like a picnic or something?
    Good dinner at a restaurant?
  2. Duuuude she's your ex for a reason. never go digging through the trash or people will see you. Time to quit being Billy Beta Boi. Go get some new pussy! If you treat her like a Celebrity she'll treat you like a fan.
  3. Read some red pill shit....Start with "The rational male" by Rollo Tomassi. Every few months you come with this bullshit and we tell you the same thing! its getting old man! just saying!
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  4. nervje

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    Well uhm im kinda on your side of course but on the other hand, im also the fix the broken shit instead of just throwing it away - kinda guy, if you get what i mean.

    Our grandparents didnt split anytime they had some shit going on either, and well, most of them dont regret fighting for it, so yea.
  5. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Yea but your grandparents might have been Mr and Mrs Right For Each Other too.

    If you two are meant to be together then you wouldn’t be wasting so much time fighting, breaking up, and not seeing each other for 3 weeks.

    @stinkfinger made some real good points. You should take that into consideration before you go running back to her with stars in your eyes. Being romantic is one thing but being a fool is something entirely different.
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  6. fershiz85

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    What do YOU want to do? What are some of your hobbies/things that you enjoy doing that she can participate in? It sounds like her telling you to surprise her is nothing more than a hoop for you to jump through. Be the prize.

    Why'd you break up a few weeks ago in the first place?
  7. Follow your Heart
    Listen to your Soul
    We have forged Empires and Conquered far lands in the name of Love and Tranquility.
    Time is a withering friend.
    But the fulfillment in yourself and the trueness that surges through your veins with a real Woman is a endeavored life worth living.
  8. nervje

    nervje Member

    I like some good food, im prolly going to take her out on a picnic with self cooked food or smth and have a big talk.
    Id go into a restaurant too but theres just nothing special about it.
    Id rather put in my own effort and do some stuff myself.

    Other than that i liked to shoot steroids and lift heavy weights, so i dont think its a good idea to do that lmao
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  9. Dax

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    They love it when you post naked pictures of them on Meso and people say how hot she is.... True story.
    Wimpish, Milktoast
    Cook her dinner take her to a movie and home to massage her feet.
  10. IncorrectName

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    You know her better than us, so you'd probably know better what she likes and what makes her heart melt. You also know her better than us for her to be your ex. Like someone else said, she's your ex for a reason. And what kind of attitude is that? "Surprise me", and being your ex on top of that. I despise that.

    Two things. Don't act while feeling sad or being in a weakened mental state, and don't listen to your dick.
  11. Rockclimber

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    She's been banging other dudes for a month and you want to cook her a homemade meal? WTF is wrong with you. Find another more stable and loyal female to mate with. You never take our advice, it's this same shit over and over again. Stop it.
  12. JP1979

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    I say mail her a turd in a box with a note "surprise"!

    She's your ex man, take some adex and move on.

  13. ^^^THIS^^^

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  14. Uglyrichie

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    Ya don't get back together The same problems will happen. Get her out of your mind with some dirty girls for awhile
  15. johntt44

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    You're young and theres other, nice, hot, women out there that you'll click with. Dont let anybody ruin your life. Theres no reason. The picnic sounds great but you would know better than any of us. Good luck man!
  16. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    lol at 'bitches'.

    Donkey punches are the ticket. I know what I'm talking about.
  17. A) Confess your undying love and devotion too her! stress the point that you will do whatever it takes to win her heart back and be at her beckoning call.

    B) Let her know that you have moved on and are Seeing/Talking to other women and that you don't really have time to mess around because your super busy with them and work.

    See which one of those scenarios gets her to drop her panties for you. 99% of the time "B" wins............

    Fuck! I wish somebody told me this shit when I was your age!
  18. nervje

    nervje Member

    To be honest, with her, i think B would be a shot backwards.
    Shed be hurt and try to go out and fuck other guys to forget me.
    Definately wont try it out hah.

    Were going for a normal talk, you know, when and where shit went wrong and stuff.
    So its not about getting her into bed.
    Its really about getting along together again with alot of unspoken stuff we have to catch up
  19. johntt44

    johntt44 Member

    No donkey punches at the picnic though!
    If a woman has throw pillows all over her home, she wants the d. It's so you can randomly just flip em down and fuck em and they have something to bite and muffle the moans. Now, it's just a theory at this point but straight guys NEVER have throw pillows. Coincidence?
  20. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Have to exclude married guys, the wife does my decorating. I have pillows that I'm not supposed to use for some reason lol.
    Bachelor pad, I'd tend to agree!
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