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    Canned Chunk Light Tuna

    This kind is 0.12 parts per million of mercury -- the albacore is the worse one at 0.32 parts per million of mercury.

    The methylmercury in these species is generally less than 0.2 ppm, and few people eat more than the suggested weekly limit of fish (i.e., 2.2 pounds)." -CDC *2.2 pound of fish is almost 6 can of tuna. Later on in the report, the CDC states that a person can chronically (for >365 days) ingest .0003mg/kg of mercury per day with "no observed adverse effect."

    For a 200 lb. man, this would be a little over 1 can of chunk light tuna each day.

    Would 2 cans a day at 210lbs would be THAT bad?
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    I’m on Lake Michigan and we have the same issue. Heavy metals from coal burning and fertilizer have polluted the big fish. They say don’t eat too much if you’re pregnant.

    I generally avoid that. The mercury, not the pregnancy.
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    I generally eat 1/2 lb of fish daily... so I’d be interested to know. But its normally smaller fish such as salmon, tilapia, cod, trout. I’m pretty sure tuna are supposed to be higher than most fish because their large size and the fish the consume to survive
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    Ya. Exactly. I eat local perch, as they’re small and have not collected much heavy metals. The big fish that live for years are the problem.
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    I read a long time ago about a guy who lifted and ate 2-3 cans a day.

    He didn't realize he was getting Merc poisoning until he was doing crazy shit in the gym like banging his head on the squat rack to get fired up , but he would hit it so hard he bled.

    He'd get all crazy fired up, but be dumb . Merc poisoning causes u to "go mad" as he put it .

    It was an old tnation article or something like that, maybe I can find it. Kind of funny really .
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    Sucks that this is what we’ve done to this cool planet
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    It's just such an easy protein fix and 2 cans is perfect. Normally I only eat them 5 days a week as I have more time for meal prep on the weekends then when in the office.

    I figured 1 a day for a week at 7 isn't that much different than 2 a day for 5 days at 10.

    But yeah, those heavy metals in fish are discouraging, can't even avoid it by fishing yourself.
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    I didn't know shit when I was in highschool, besides I had a cousin that was jacked af, and he ate tuna all the time.
    So being in highschool, I didn't have money for all the food I wanted, but we kept a big ass tub of peanut butter , and I'd pick up those 4 packs of canned tuna on my way home from work all the time.
    I ate peanut butter sandwiches , and tuna and hot sauce idk how many times a week.

    I don't think it ever fucked me up... Someone may disagree lol.

    But seriously, you're probably fine at a can a day . I was maybe 160 lbs back then, so I'd imagine a bigger guy would have a higher threshold.
  9. Do you want to eat specifically fish for some reason? Or are you open to a multitude of other protein sources? For me, it just seems like an unnecessary risk, although from what I read it isn't that bad.

    If I were you I would stick with good 'ole protein shakes. If I remember correctly they even have higher bioavailability than lots of other protein sources. Unless of course you already have many in the day.
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    Found it. Three cans a day is probably too much haha
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    Same shit with commercial meat. Not the meat itself - the bones build up heavy metals from the animal feed. Feed uses a lot of product that has heavy metals. Fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides can all have heavy metals as part of their composition

    The bones (and feathers) collect these heavy metals. So making bone broth? Not from those bones.

    Local food can be a lot different and that’s what I try for
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    That's partially why I go with sardines over tuna. They have short lifespans and don't absorb the heavy metals other fish do during that time. I eat tuna about every three days.
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    This next bulk, I’m going to attempt to spend the extra money on all grass fed, free range, and wild caught products from meats, to eggs, to milk, to butter, to cheese. Anything that comes from an animal. John Meadows got me pumped for this next bulk :p
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    Great idea!
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    Easier and possibly cheaper to hunt, if you live in the right areas of the country .
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    Pork, venison, and bird are prevalent.

    Fish is a definite, but you really got to have the right equipment and a huge boat to catch the right stuff.

    Maybe I’ll find someone that needs some deer gone this season and get me a good 6 month stash of venison.
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    Yeah I've been eating 2 cans M-F for 3 weeks and haven't noticed anything negative.