Meso Bashing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr. Savage, Apr 15, 2018.

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    the title says it for itself

    Read their whole thread on how terrible meso is. I LOVE meso so do not think I'm promoting this!

  2. M'eh. We have a uniqueness here that some folks just can't appreciate. Let the snowflakes have a good cry.
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    I would rather be bashed from a person with experience, than to hear repetitive idiots spouting bro science.
    This is the only place where I actually learn something.
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  4. Better than having hcgenerate, n2guard and sarms pushed on you by all the mods, or having bad information pushed onto you. That is definitely annoying.
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  5. Dr. Savage

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    But aren't sarms like aas but without the suppression and 'mini pct' needed for 'keepable gains' :rolleyes: those dudes crack me up
  6. Michael Scally MD

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    I agree, I would rather get beat down about a half baked idea i had that would really mess me up. Than have it sugar coated and told to for it and hey I got that shit here for 10 cents on the dollar lol. Just a newbie here but think it's great, I wouldn't change a thing
  9. Gbro

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    Shutting this down.

    The extreme negativity, mysogany, hate, and pure idiocy a lot of you "men" post here daily truly makes me cringe Irl.

    The reality here is: OP found a woman he loves and wanted to marry. Did it in an unconventional venue, and was a success. Good for him! Don't be such a negative ******* for the sake of beig a dick...

    The insane amount of comments degrading women also has to stop. I'll begin mass banning for those comments when I see them. So knock it off.

    OP has more life experience than the vast majority of you, with the average age being around 22, and knows his relationship better than anyone here. Who the fuk are you to tear him down? Get a life. Truly.

    OP. I wish you the best of luck. It sounds like you've found a winner.
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    I’d rather hear straight up then beat around the bush.. I come hear to get the truth from the vets..
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    Trying to figure out if i missed something or not fully awake yet...
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    So who hurt @Jeffg353's feelings? Screenshot_2018-04-15-10-27-24.png

    Edit: yet you posted on this "joke of a board" this morning @Jeffg353 lol
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    Dudes can't hang with the big boys eh? Then show us your girl's tits and gtfo!! Haha... Meso is hardcore alpha gym locker room style talk, unsensored, uncut and raw! Anyone who is butthurt so easily over some constructive criticism can grab thier Hillary blanket and roll out. Oh and grab a participation trophy as your leaving, youll need it.
    The years I have been here the same shit has been said about Meso on other forums, nothing is different today. You got us... And you got them... Sink or swim little fishes!
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    yup and those are the same idiots who come on Meso asking on a first post who’s the best source, because they wanna run 1gram of tren, 2 grams of test, 100mg of sdrol on a first cycle because some dude on YouTube or Instagram said it was safe. WTF!

    Bunch of lazy ass motherfuckers, of course they are gonna get bashed. There is plenty of great information, and knowledgeable members on Meso, you just have to search. Hell I’m not very tech savvy, and I learned how to use crypto currency just by searching thru the Meso threads.

    I’ve lurked, and even joined some other boards but none compare to Meso. Keep up the good work Meso.
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  16. MindlessWork

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    Lol at that joke of a board calling Meso a joke of a board. Meso is unique as we look out for bad sources and favor harm reduction. I rather be informed than have slimeballs pushing dubious shit.
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    You have nothing to say about @Jeffg353 and his post bashing Meso? Scared you will get put in "timeout" on SG? You are such a fucking prick for your age.
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    You and me
    Both haha. Maybe he replied to wrong thread bc I'm lost
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    But like people say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. So to each their own. It doesn't bother me there's tons of forums but to bash forums on other forums is pointless. I know some will say I'm doing that here but I was just pointing something out. I'm a member on multiple forums but meso has been my first forum and my go to
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