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    There have been many questions regarding blood work and testing protocols. This thread will outline the protocols that we will use to better judge quality of gear. The protocols will be set for the most commonly used esters of testosterone, TE/TC/TP.

    For this to work, there must be uniformity across the board. If you are testing gear for potency, these protocols MUST be followed. Obviously everyone is entitled to do blood work whenever and however they want but if you want it to be accepted on the board for these purposes, simply follow the protocol. This will allow us to collect data with consistency.

    Using the following protocol, we will be testing for PEAK TT values.

    -Protocol for Testosterone Enanthate/Cypionate-

    Duration: At least 6 weeks into cycle (I realize these esters can stabilize sooner than 6 weeks but this will leave no doubt. It’s pretty close to most members mid-cycle labs also.

    Blood Draw: Blood should be drawn at 48hr +/- 12hrs post pin. The goal is to be as close to 48hrs as possible.

    -Protocol for Testosterone Propionate-

    Duration: At least 14 days into cycle

    Blood Draw: Blood should be drawn at 24hrs +/- 8hrs post pin. The goal is to be as close to 24hrs as possible.

    *If there are any questions or suggestions to improve upon this and you have sources of data to back it up, by all means post it up and it will be reviewed and implemented if need be.

    Here is a link for privatemdlabs. This test will give TT values without being capped at 1500 ng/dl.


    There are other testing services, so use whichever you like but please ensure it gives total values.

    Thank you to all who decide to follow this and post blood work for the good of the board. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks for posting this colt, much appreciated man
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    Thanks you and @Voltrader put some time posting these testing protocols.
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    Thanks for posting brother. I will be doing my test in 6 weeks from today. I'm also going to have my blood drawn two days in a row. One at 24hrs and one at 48hrs after last pin.
    Your link just takes me strait to privatemdlabs list of tests. It doesn't go to any one test particular. Maybe you could post up a screen shot of the test so people will know which one your referring to.
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    Dammit. Here you go. Thanks.

    Hormone Panel with F&T testosterone LC/MS-MS Add to Wishlist$99.99
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    Great. I was hoping someone would do that. You might want to do this test on one of them to save you some cash. Probably don't need the full work up 2 days in a row.

    testosterone, Total - Women, Children, and Hypogonadal Males, LC/MS-MS Add to Wishlist $62.99
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    Yeah I was going to have LabsMD for the first one but really would only save $30 or so. It's only money. And my Wife thinks it grows on trees so I should have plenty. Lol
    I do have a question though. I was planning on running some Dbol in this cycle but I decided to hold off so I would get accurate readings. If I ran the dbol would it change the test results? If so its no big deal I can save it for next time. Thanks
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    I believe DBOL would suppress your natural test production. So I wouldn't think it would raise your test levels. Might have to do a little research on that one.
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    Good stuff Colt, Thanks!
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    I don't want to mess up the test results any. I will just throw it in the next cycle. So we can get an actual reading on the Enanthate with no excuses. Just thought I'd ask.
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  11. If the test doesnt have LC/MS-MS written on it , you will NOT get the full testosterone reading . A Labcorp nurse told me this ....~Ogh
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    Maybe time to prove the 10x rule? At next refill I will have almost enough pharm grade test to run an 8wk 500mg cycle. Maybe it would be worth it to the community to do this. Would there be enough consistency amongst different test subjects to get a reliable benchmark for most of us to go by based on one person? Maybe bloods at the 24hr, 36hr, 48hr mark.
    I'm just thinking out loud, maybe this has been solidly established already. I'm interested in this mainly to remove any chance for argument by sources who claim their gear is properly dosed.
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  13. You only need to test at the 48hr (trough period) , this where all of my doctors have requested I test .

    As far as the 10x rule , all of my 100mg/wk TRT bloodtest have tested at around 500ng , which would be 5x . Again Im convinced this is not a one size fits all test . We will all test different on the same amount. ~Ogh
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    Very helpful post
  15. @Colt44 Not to muddy the waters but for a little clarification. Will front loading long esters and running short esters be accepted? If so, when should the testing be conducted?

    Ex: frontloading test e 3mls day one; TP EOD thereafter ... When is the time for optimal peak testing for Meso approval? Is it the peak time of the longest estrr (in this case 6wks [TE] from above)? Or is it 3 wks from day one pin of front load and 24hrs after last pin of prop?

    Btw ... Great work putting this together.
  16. I dont think frontloading has any place in this kind of test , all test should be as uniform and consistant as possible . Only if everyone pins the exact same amount of the exact same test (Watsons/Pfizer test-c) at reasonably the same time will we have accurate tests .

    UGL's are just too inconsistant in potency for accurate tests (unless somehow everyone was using the same batch to test) ~Ogh
  17. @Oregongearhead i can agree consistency is what we are after for this type of study. I was only trying to get more data points as I'm sure some members front load.

    Another thing to consider is to collect the type and dose of AI's (if any) the member using. You wouldn't have to do anything with it at this point other than collect that data ... Maybe later we could see if there is a correlation between the type, dose of AI and the TT value. It's only one shot at collecting this type of data.

    Without muddying the waters... If front loading and AI'd are out of scope at this time ... That's fine too.
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    it would be ideal for a comment from @Michael Scally MD , I also remember @lightspan putting together the very same idea for a standard protocol regarding serum testing. maybe input from both would be helpful.
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    What about dosing? I know we talked about not splitting the dose to get a more accurate test result, is that still the case?

    Big Mike
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    As long as you follow the above protocol. Just be sure you report it when you post blood work. We should be collecting data on both split and single doses.
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