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    Everyone who doesn’t already know this and those whom are new here like myself . I joined last year really excited to start Learning everything I could on AAS and everything that went along with it. While when I joined I wasn’t ready for it way to early for me to start reguardless I went balls deep into grabbing different things everything went good then I got the advice to wait so I did. As time went on I stopped working out I was busy getting my life in order getting out of the service. I kid you not a year later I hit up the same member that adviced me to wait and he went above and beyond to help me get back into it and get back up to normal weight. It still shocks me man I hope all new member appreciate being a part of a this group of people. I’ll @ this solid dude if he doesn’t mind just wanted to post this to show the appreciation.
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    Tag the glorious member so we can applaud him.
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    I’m sure he wouldn’t mind man.
  4. You're welcome. :D Kidding, it's not me, but you're right, there are a lot of genuine guys with great knowledge and big hearts here that will go the extra mile to help out a fellow bro. They know who they are, i hope.
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    Some internet Geek reviews latest release of one of my fave bands.

    Like anyone who finds this band needs a Geek to try splain it.

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    I came across a review of his on a czarface album that just released a couple weeks back. I definely don't value the opinion of a liberal white nerd when it comes to rap music lol
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