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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CdnGuy, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. CdnGuy

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    Thought with many new movies being released we could have a review & suggestions thread. Recommendations for older movies greatly appreciated . I haven't seen a good flick in a minute.

    Edit- I lie, saw "Straight Outta Compton" last month...finally :confused:
    2 thumbs up!!!! :D
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  2. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Creed - Great

    Im going to see star wars either tonite or tomorrow.

    Saw Selfless online - watch if youre bored and its free. Do not pay.
  3. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Star Wars = Good
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  4. MindlessWork

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    How I enjoy these meathead movie reviews lol
  5. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    That was another reason for the thread. Opinions & suggestions from like minded individuals!!!! :D
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  6. Gramps

    Gramps Member

    Shit... you spoiled it for the rest of us. You should offer spoiler alerts.

    I can only hope they didn't completely fuck it like they did with Jurassic World. If you like the previous 3, be prepared to be disappointed with the level of stupidity they threw into this toilet of a sequel. Hybrid raptor the size of a Rex with color changing genetics to hide. Gimme a fucking break... It plays no part in the sequence as the previous 3 were based somewhat on true research. This one they just said, "Fuck it. Make shit up to entertain the 8 year olds. I'm tired of writing this shit."
  7. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Ill say this, it was kind of the same but opposite here. They put a lot of stuff in that seemed to be just to entertain the older crowd. It was a little corny, but all in good fun. In the end it all fit.

    Plus the movie was pretty funny. And good funny, not jar jar funny
  8. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Saw Concussion last night. Pretty good. Not great. I wouldnt pay for it. Moves slow, but the story is good. If youre into football you may like it. If youre really really into football youll probably like it.
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  9. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    I still gotta see draft day. Not a big Kevin Costner fan except( bull Durham) but heard it's worth seeing.
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  10. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    It was a surprisingly good movie.
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  11. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    The Revenant ***** 5 star's
  12. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    Watching Star Wars Right now hope they did it well.
  13. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Saw the interview on Conan O'Brien with Harrison Ford and the director. Conan asked the director in a previous interview if he would put the saying "Jub Jub" in star wars. Apparently he did...haha
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  14. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Im gonna watch this tonite
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  15. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    I forgot. Saw the hateful eight earlier this week.

    Its pretty good. Kinda reservoir dog-ish.

    If you like Tarentino you will love it.

    Also I swear that he makes all his movies as an excuse to say the N word. I think he said it when he was a kid around the wrong person, got his ass whooped, and made it a life goal to find a way to use it.

    But I'll give it 7.2 out of 10
  16. Seven Dog

    Seven Dog Member Supporter

    Seen most of Spectre...its ok.

    Sicario is alright...if you're bored.

    LA Slasher...what a disappointment. :(

    Long movie almost 3hrs. Typically Tarentino movie....tons of dialogue.

    We must go to the same website. ;)
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  17. BigPharma

    BigPharma Member Supporter

    Did you see a sign that said Dead nigger storage on it? Because storing dead niggers aint my thing!!?! Lol
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  18. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    You dont remember? You told me about the website brotha. Thanks! :)
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  19. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Finally watched Ted 2.

    I didnt like #1 but 2 was funny as hell
  20. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    The Martian. Good.

    Thought it was gonna be castaway on Mars
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