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    Since we've had a few newer members who are into Powerlifting and more and more members who are making the switch I thought I would put together a thread to help. I'm not the most knowledgeable, so it's mostly going to be links to threads on here about powerlifting, equipment, and some current and old logs. If anyone has anything to add please do, and if there are any questions please ask (I will not answer them, but I'm sure one of our more experienced members will).

    First and Foremost: What is Powerlifting?

    Powerlifting is an individualized sport in which competitors attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

    Each lifter is placed into a specific division and classified by several variables including weight class, age group, and experience level. Further subdivisions are made between what's known as "geared" and "raw" power lifters, indicating whether the individual is wearing supportive equipment during the competition or not.

    Competitions are generally all-day events that begin with the squat, progress to the bench press, and conclude with the deadlift. Every lifter is allowed three attempts at each lift, making for a total of nine competition lifts throughout the day.

    Three officials serve as judges and collectively decide whether a lift is considered "good" or "bad." Judges indicate their decisions by a panel of red and white lights (white indicating a "good" lift, red indicating a "bad" lift) displayed after each attempt. Two or three white lights are sufficient for a good lift while one or fewer means a bad lift.

    At the end of the day, awards are presented to the lifters with the highest squat, bench press, deadlift, and total within their division. A lifter's "total" is determined by the sum of their best lifts and the individual with the highest total is considered the all-around strongest lifter in their division.

    Powerlifting: The Definitive Guide | T Nation

    First, a link for beginners (like me):
    The Beginner's Guide to Powerlifting: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know about Competing

    If you're looking for a meet near you:
    Powerlifting Watch | Covering the World of Powerlifting

    Bodybuilding vs. Powerlifting:
    Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting | MESO-Rx Forum

    Some exercises with descriptions:
    Descriptions of Powerlifting Exercise | MESO-Rx Forum

    Current Logs (as of 13 Dec 2015):
    First cycle log and meet prep | MESO-Rx Forum

    The road to 1500.. | MESO-Rx Forum

    Rob's log part 2 (gonna take a crack at PLing) | MESO-Rx Forum

    Log Doc | MESO-Rx Forum

    Some finished logs:
    Jay Max Log (Switching from BB to PL and a place to BS) | MESO-Rx Forum

    MP's PL Meet Training Log- 3rd Edition | MESO-Rx Forum

    brutus79 and jballz get swole | MESO-Rx Forum

    Take Two- MP's Meet Training Log | MESO-Rx Forum

    MP's PL Meet Training Log | MESO-Rx Forum

    Equipment Questions:
    The cheapest weightlifting shoes around. | MESO-Rx Forum

    weight lifting belts | MESO-Rx Forum

    Favorite Wrist Wraps - Which ones have you tried? | MESO-Rx Forum

    This should be a good start for anyone. I have some more I plan on adding later(as I've said I am NOT the SME at Meso about powerlifting).

    It's almost 2016 fellas (and female fellas), never a better time to make a switch. Stop just worrying about looking good and just lift some heavy sh*t!
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    I'm not very knowledgable about power lifting. I'm very tempted to take the plunge. I know your new to it as well , but I'm curious is any routine can combine the best of both worlds. Strength and hypertrophy. I believe you can add isolation movements to some of these routines.
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    Theres a few different ones you can use. I did a program that was really rigid my first time. There are some templates that you can use and make changes to. As for what would be best for you, Im probably not the most qualified.

    But im sure @Docd187123 @insertnamehere @RodgerThat and some others will be a better help :)
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    5/3/1 and Bodybuilding -
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    I heard PLing is addicting. Once you try you don't go back. I have a addictive personality as it is. The next thing you know I'm going to ask @Docd187123 where the PL gym is. I Have a feeling I'm that that far away.
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    Come to the dark side. Theres nothing like putting up that weight. And youre right. You get addicted to putting up more. Just during my program and 4 months I put up some weights I NEVER thought I would do. Now in looking at doing a 400lb paused bench eventually... when i started lifting all those years ago my max was 95lbs.
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    You beat me to it. Im going to post some links with some programs and templates in it either tonight or tomorrow (its late night where im at right now)
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    Here are a few of the many programs / templates (as always, if you know of more or have more to add feel free). Remember when choosing that some of these are more advanced than others. No need to jump straight into the deep end.

    5/3/1 and Bodybuilding -

    Westside Barbell Program: Sample Powerlifting Template

    An in-depth look at the Texas Method -

    Madcow 5x5: How to Gain Brute Strength And Hard Muscle

    Sizing Up Sheiko: A Review of Routines #29, #30, #31, #32

    These are just a few. There are MANY MANY more for you to pick depending on your needs and experience. (Hint: if you look at the bottom of the page on the last link it has links to a whole lot more with reviews).

    For those who don't know the difference between a program and a template. For the most part programs are all set. All you do is plug in some maxes and it will tell you what you need to do for the next 16 weeks or so. Pretty Easy. Template is similar but you cn make some adjustments. Takes a little more thought on your part to figure out what youre going to do.

    I would advise any begginer (like myself) to pick a simple program, plug in some numbers and just worry about moving the weight at first.
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    I looked up the 5,3,1 and bodybuilding. Is the 5,3,1 part just 3 sets?
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    Never mind. Answered my own question. I believe its 3x5 week 1. 3x3 week 2 and so on. If I'm right.
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    If you're the reading type I'd also recommended reading some of the books behind these programs. Starting Strength, Practical Programming, Beyond 5/3/1, Squat Every Day, The RTS Manual, plenty more I'm not thinking of at the moment. Read the books, run the programs as described for a few months. It'll help down the road when you'll need to do your own programming. If you're like me and don't have the extra money for hiring a coach anyway, plus I like the challenge and trial and error of figuring out what works for me.

    Anyway, most of those books are pretty cheap, especially on kindle. I don't think I paid much more than $5 for most.

    That program review Jay linked is a great resource, too. Definitely worth a read.
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    Yes, 3 sets of 5 reps, then 3 sets of 3, then 5/3/1 reps, the 4th week is a deload week, 3 sets of 5 at 50%, you can get the book, or just search t-nation for the complete breakdown of the percentages. I have it all as well if you need more info. Remember, with 5/3/1, you're basing all your lifts off 90% of the max, this is referred to as your training max (TM)
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    I like it.
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    So I'm going to start the 5,3,1 bodybuilding version. This is a one month routine right? What would I move onto next?
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  16. Perrin Aybara

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    The template is actually repeated after a month with weight increases on each lift. You'd really need to run it several months at least to get the most out of it.

    It hasn't been mentioned yet, but most templates have a "plus set" as the last set. For example the 3x3 you'd do two sets of three and on the third set you'd rep it out. Likewise on the 5 and 1 weeks. That's kind of how you gauge your progress.
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    No, 5/3/1 is meant as a long term program. You figure out your training max, you run through a cycle (4 weeks) then you add 5lbs to your training max on upper body lifts and 10 lbs to your training max on lower body lifts.
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    And yes, the last set (3rd) of the 3x5, 3x3 and 5/3/1 sets should performed for as many reps as possible just short of failure, leave 1 rep in the tank
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    Also, everyone is different, but when I ran 5/3/1 I only did the deload every two or three waves. Everything three weeks seems like major overkill.
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    How many warm up sets do you do before the first set? And are the ramped up warm ups? So ex. 5x2 and the third set I drop weight and rep out?
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