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Discussion in 'Sports' started by CdnGuy, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. CdnGuy

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    Seems we got some MMA fans so why not have a thread ;)
    Was just reading Diaz is calling GSP out for a rematch. Claiming he lost cuz Gsp was on juice when they fought :rolleyes: Diaz try maybe less weed and more lifting buddy!!!! :D
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  2. Just a casual ufc fan here.... Id love to see GSP back in the ring. But he would fuckin demolish Diaz lol.
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  3. CdnGuy

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    No doubt, Gsp would handle his cocky punk ass. But I think the main reason Diaz wants the fight. MONEY!! Diaz's broke as a joke....
  4. Ngtmarpete

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    I totally disagree. If they fought now Diaz would whoop GSP's ass, for one big reason... His heart is not in it anymore. You have to have that passion going in, or you have already lost the fight.

    I was a kick boxer for a long time. You can be the most talented guy in the ring, but if you don't want to be in there, you have lost before the bell has rung.

    And the truth is, GSP's heart is no longer in the sport.
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  5. CdnGuy

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    Agreed your heart must be committed man. But Gsp has more focus in his pinky finger than Diaz has in his whole body. If Gsp wanted to fight , I'm sure he would beat Diaz...again! :D
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  6. Ngtmarpete

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    Totally disagree, GSP just isn't in it anymore. He's lost that drive. He's one of the most talented fighters ever but now he's perfectly content sitting on the sidelines. I wish I wasn't so, but...
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  7. Ultimatepip

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    GSP would kill him...there is no debate.
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  8. Skull

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    But I love weed;) Do I have to:( Oh you was talking about Diaz:D bahahaha:p
  9. Ngtmarpete

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    There is always a debate
  10. Diaz heart was never in the sport. He has publicly said he hates fighting many times...and his recent fights have been embarassing. Wayyy back in the day diaz had heart but its been a long time man. Smoking weed is more important to him than the ufc!!!
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  11. Str8Shooter

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    I'm a hardcore fan, that keeps up with everything. So it's hard for me to get in to talks like this.
    I love Nick Diaz (as ignorant and unproffessional as he is)... But he has lost three fights in a row (including losing to GSP) He is entertaining as fuck.

    IF GSP came back (an unlikely scenario), and he fought Diaz, again, he wouldn't step in the ring unless he was absolutely ready, and he would play it even safer, outpoint Diaz and dry hump him on the ground until the clock ran out, like a smart man, that can hold a motherfucker down and control them.

    That's just my opinion of course, but I base my opinion on history repeating itself consistently.
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  12. CdnGuy

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    Dana White will make him an offer he can't refuse to fight again. But it will definitely be under Gsp's terms. Who & when he fights...imo
  13. I think diaz is on a 5 year suspension for Ganja lol
  14. CdnGuy

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    Yeah he's screwed, Gsp won't make a come back for his lame ass!
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  15. Str8Shooter

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    "Speculation" is IF GSP comes back, it won't necessarily be for a welterweight title run, but more likely for big/superfights. If Silva wins his fight with Bisping, I wouldn't be surprised if GSP started getting the taste in his mouth for a big fight. Wouldn't be surprised if he never came back either though.
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  16. CdnGuy

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    "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler or Carlos Condit Saturday night ?
    Tough call.... coin flip imo
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  17. Str8Shooter

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    I agree. I don't want to, but I "have to" give a slight edge to Lawler.

    One thing's for sure though, that's a fight with the potential for prime entertainment value.

    I know Arlovsky seems to have a lot of steam behind him, but I'm thinking Stipe is gonna beat that ass. Anything can happen with HWs though.
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  18. CdnGuy

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    Man back in the day Arlovsky was so entertaining to watch. A freakin beast ! Unfortunately he's not winning this match up.
    Jan 17th Dillashaw vs Cruz...I'm pulling for Cruz but definitely the underdog.
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  19. gr8whitetrukker

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    I've been estranged as of late but I do love it. Neck and neck with football.

    I want to see one damn thing!

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  20. jaymaximus

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    Two Words: BROCK LESNAR!


    I really wish he wouldve fought fully healthy to see what he could do.

    As for the rest of UFC. I watch almost every PPV and fight night, and still dont know much about anyone. Before and after the fights I just dont care*

    *Unless youre a hot female fighter like Rousey or Carano, then I care a lot.
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