Meso's 3rd Annual Fantasy Football League!!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by johnnyBALLZ, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. johnnyBALLZ

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    The draft will happen at the end of August/beginning of September and will be hosted on Anyone that participated last year is grandfathered into this 10-12 team league (only about half the guys are still active here from last year)..

    $50 entry fee to keep people on their toes.. Money will be collected BEFORE the draft this go around..

    Last year we had:


    Please post in this thread if you're in or out, after a week you're out if we haven't heard from you!! At that point we'll be looking for guys that will set their roster every freaking week and not flake on the league..

    -The Commissioner
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  2. DragonFlames

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    Damn didn't know you guys did this, I'm already in three money leagues. I'll see if I can get out of one. Wife would kill me if I did 4.
  3. brandon1549

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    I would love to join! I'm a new member to Meso but an avid fantasy player. Think it would be a great way to get to know some of the guys though so I'm very interested! So if you need an extra guy please reach out to me!


  4. JackC4

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    The Champ is here
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  5. greenddog1

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    I'm in.
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  6. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    I got the champ's $50 buy in covered..
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  7. Im in
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  8. jaymaximus

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    If theres room I want in. But be warned, if you let me in its basically y'all giving me your money.
  9. JackC4

    JackC4 Member

    Thank you sir
  10. flexx89

    flexx89 Member Supporter

    in dis bitch
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  11. Colt44

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    I'm in.
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  12. flexx89

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    ill be doing fanduel every week also so if anyone needs advice get at me..the first week is up on and ive been tweaking my lineup
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  13. Never played before..

    But I'm intrigued..
  14. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    It gives Sunday's a whole new meaning..
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  15. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    I almost tried fan duel last year.. I'm going full force this season... Maybe I'll be one of those guys in the commercials in my underwear with bikini models.. :cool: OR, the private jet!! :eek:
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  16. Morefyah

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  17. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Yessir, we'll figure it all out after this week. I'm not expecting many more from last year to join but like I said, they're all not still active so I want to give them a chance.
  18. greenddog1

    greenddog1 Member

    Er, you mean my jet? Not to worry JB, I'll let you use it from time to time.
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  19. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Yea that makes sense.
    I don't want to step on any toes.
  20. MassTurk

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    You know I'm in
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