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    Some really interesting research emerging about metformin.

    My you think the AMPk activation will really impair muscle gain if used during a bulk?
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    After researching I am not sure why berberine isn't the clear choice over metfirmin.
  3. gear shef

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    Maybe in some regards. But still activates AMPK...does this hinder gains to any measurable amount
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    I guess my answer was broad and it all depends why you are taking it. For the general benefit to bodybuilders they are both pretty similar. But the fact berberine is a chemical found in plants and the risks to side effects is so low I would much prefer that over a drug.

    Metformin does carry the risk of upset stomachs. I tried it for a week or so low dose and had to stop. For some reason it effected me.

    Just my opinion, take that for what worth.
  5. gear shef

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    Do you feel Berberine or Metformin has hindered your gains?

    I’ve read many anecdotal reports of difficulties gaining muscle while using either.

    Which seems substantiated by the known AMPK activation which shuts of mTOR...
  6. gear shef

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    I want to use it for the insulin sensitivity that it promotes as well as the anti aging / longevity being shown
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    FWIW if you're on medically-supervised HRT from privatized MDs (who tend to be the only ones within the US who will write you for all this. i.e., give us money, here are your scripts, and here's your gigantic bill for pharma grade HGH which your insurance company will decline to pay), it's becoming quite common to add Metformin to HGH rx's, much like hcg to TRT replacement. Metformin alleviates many of the potential side effects of HGH (insulin resistance, spikes in blood glucose, increased A1C, etc).

    In addition to all that, Metformin is the first drug in history which has ever received FDA approval for starting phase 1 clinical trials in the use of Metformin for anti-aging. This is the first time the FDA has ever provided an official position on the fact that "aging" is a disease or modifiable condition which can be treated: American Federation for Aging Research : TAME

    ^^^ Many more monographs appear in PubMed within peer-reviewed medical journals, ascribing a whole boatload of additional benefits Metformin has in terms of anti-aging.

    If you experience stomach upset or diarrhea, two possible solutions are:

    - Try the ER, extended release Metformin
    - Break up the tablet in 1/4ths, take one with breakfast and dinner to start, and slowly build up until your body gets used to Metformin.

    None of this directly answers the question, "will Metformin help me hulk out bro!?!??!" It probably won't, but steroids and HGH combined together sure will. Metformin may provide an additional .5% boost or something negligible to your physique goals, but it sure is doing a lot of other stuff in the life extension/anti-aging/preventing side effects categories. All of which are the reasons I personally started complete HRT, I'm over 45 and everything had walked off a cliff and I found 0 help outside of privatized medicine and interventional endocrinology/optimization. "You're getting older, learn to live with it. Your overpriced insurance pays into a sick-care system, we're not a health-care system." No thanks, we're in the 21st century, not 1492, how 'bout, fix it instead.

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    I'm prescribed metformin for diabetes and sometimes I take it and sometimes I dont. I will tell you this much, it'll make you shit your brains out
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    I’d like to hear from those who have experience with both Metformin and Berberine, specifically to mitigate GH sides. Which do you prefer?
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    Why aren't you taking it regularly, diabetes is nothing to screw with
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    Because if I'm eating really clean I don't need it, I can control it with just my long and fast acting insulin. Those I cannot get around using, but if I can relieve myself of the stomach bullshit that comes from metformin I will.

    I keep it pretty controlled most of the time, I probably should have mentioned the insulin as I can definitely see why you asked this
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