Methyl 1 Test

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by RomanMVP, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. RomanMVP

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    Does anyone know if any sources handle M1T? Yeah, it's harsh, that's why I don't go past 3 weeks at a time. It does more for me then Dbol. Just wondering if it's been resurrected. I still have a bottle of Underground Labs 180s.
  2. Brandaddy

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    Take a quick gander at the underground page. At least one of the sources has a decent reputation and carries it. Literally right on the first page and probably towards the top....
  3. EazyE

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    M1T is readily available from a number of sources. It’s good you recognize the toxicity of this oral and know to limit the duration of use.
  4. RomanMVP

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    Ok thanks for the tip.
  5. master.on

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    Slightly OT
    but would you mind sharing your M1T experience and how did you find it different than Dbol or Adrol?
    Please state what did you stack it with.