Methyl Tren Cycles

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    I came across this in - The Future Of Bodybuilding! Huge Bodybuilding Site.. I had no idea methyl tren was so dangerous. I hope this helps someone.

    "While many may wish that an incredibly strong androgenic, non-aromatizing compound as this was available for daily use, its not. And if the indications are true, its probably best. I've warned many people for the toxicity of fluoxymesterone, and everything points to it that methyltrienolone makes fluoxymesterone look like Tums tablets in terms of liver toxicity.

    Stacking and Use:

    Obviously this section is mostly useless, as any who would use, let alone stack methyltrienolone for any decent period of time, wouldn't really be around long enough to tell us how well it worked. Ideally one would use it alone, while dieting or for the purpose of gaining lean mass. The androgenic potency is slightly higher than that of trenbolone, so the risk for aggravated hair loss, acne, prostate hypertrophy and deepening of voice is not only realistic, but almost likely. If one were to use it, you would probably have to use every trick in the book to protect your liver and stay alive: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk thistle, dessicated liver and Vitamin B6. The blood pressure raise would not be mild either. So something to lower blood pressure is advised as well.

    Of course the best advice is to refrain from using such a compound, although for 99% of the population that is not a problem, and I would assume that the 1% that does have access would know better. "


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    Lizard King

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    Why are you posting this on different boards under different names?
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    I'm trying to prevent someone from making a fatal mistake.
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    Use the same name, maybe people will then think your just not spamming for It is very strong stuff and not many would ever take it and it is very hard to find. Only a handful of sources carry it or even sell it.

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