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    Hoy guys... after i found myself having some digestive Issues i even changed meals structure... if i had to eat 250gr cooked rice (circa 80gr raw) , 200g cooked meat (circa 230g raw) and having the next meal after 2.5/3 hours, today, i started eating half of my meal and i ve halved the time between the meals too... so i eat the same amount...

    Does anyone ever tried it? Eating every 1 hour and 20 minutes or so
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    Metamucil and taking digestive enzymes with probiotics helped me a lot. Are you taking anything to help?
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    Hi man, i m already on metamucil and dygestive enzymes... i was even pretty sick of eating the same shit all day long... white basmati rice and disappointing meat... But i feel way better with halving meals in 2 times... i m finally hungry... of course i had digestive issues due to some drugs, first of all Metformin.. then i quitted taking it... second, tren ace.. switched to NPP, third, inject Dianabol (water based without guaiacol) , i used it for 2 days then i read here on forum about hungerloss etc and stopped even dianabol... i stopped HGH and Insulin since yesterday, had some cheat meals, today did this halving meals thing and i feel totally ok... i m hungry and i m enjoying the foods i hated some days ago... so, would know if someone solved digestive problems doing micromeals or if it helped... because right now I dropped amost all the drugs, so i cannot say “Micromeals solved my problem”... i ll take a pause from drugs (and a pause of “forever” for Metformin) and will see if with micromealing i can run HGH insulin and tren and/or dianabol..

    this time i did a 4 weeks cycle , got 3.5 lean mass.. ill take a break of 2.5 weeks then i ll retry run a 8-10 weeks cycle
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