Migyol 840

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by superbane, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. superbane

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    Where are you guys finding this stuff for a good price?

    One place I found the market up on it is illogical. Completely.

    The other place desires an business address for “shipping”.

    Crock of shit.

    Thinking of making a blend of oils instead mct/EO or safflower/EO or all three.
  2. baddaddee

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  3. superbane

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    Thanks bro but that shit is marked up ridiculously.

    60 a liter
    And you can get now mct oil for as cheap as 13 an liter.

    Going to try MCT w/ EO
  4. baddaddee

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    I know but I prefer it so honestly the cost is nothing to me. Ever try filtering it? So fast, you think you broke the filter.
  5. Got 1,000 ml. Worth of this stuff but pricey but then again I don’t mind.
  6. Sparkss

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    What is the difference between (how do they compare) PEG and Miglyol? I see many sites selling Polyethylene Glycol (200 - 400) but very few selling Miglyol. I looked up MIG and it is defined as "Miglyol 840 is a thin oil of propylene glycol diester (a compound containing two ester groups)"