Mike Jenkins, Dead at 31.

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    Mike Jenkins, 2012 Arnld Strongman Champion and WSM Finalist, Dead at 31.

    HARRISBURG -- Mike Jenkins, one of the strongest men in the world, has died. He was 31. Jenkins, a resident of Dauphin County, died suddenly this morning. CrossFit Gamma, the gym in which Jenkins co-owned in Hershey, announced his death on its Facebook page but offered no other details. Jenkins finished fourth in this year's World's Strongest Man competition. His biggest win came at the 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic, in which he beat the biggest names in the sport, including Zydrunas Savickas, Derek Poundstone, and Brian Shaw. Jenkins, who was 6'6" and around 400 lbs., also won the 2012 Giants Live in Australia and the 2010 Arnold Strongman amateur event. A native of Westminster, Md., Jenkins also played college football at James Madison. He is survived by his wife, Keri.

    Strongman Jenkins, 31, dies - WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg - Local Sports
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    Candyskull Member

    Very sad. My thoughts are with his family.
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    akroo Member

    So many big guys died this month, very sad
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    Demondosage Member

    The mass game aint worth it, all of these guys who are dying are 250+ lbs, this is a big reason I quit playing the size game, its not good for your health. Whether it be fat or muscle, your body still has to carry it around and its not good on your heart,

    Very sad news here, too many dying off lately, way too many
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Is this in any way AAS related?
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    i have had completely healthy friends who were "slim and trim " if you will that have died in the last couple years that trained daily ..So weight is a big factor but it can happen to anyone really ...
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    Demondosage Member

    Chances are much higher with a heavier person though, and many of these guys either ignore warning signs or don't get regular bloodwork done.
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    heel hook

    heel hook Member

    I heard about that, very sad 31 is still young. RIP Mike.
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    disnetrz Junior Member

    wow, another one there has been quite a few deaths of ppl related to the fitness world this year... may he RIP
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    cvictorg Member

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E-WasNzVpI]Queen - Another One Bites The Dust - YouTube[/ame]
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    That's the million-dollar question. Unconfirmed reports suggest he died in his sleep from a suspected MI.
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    Pericles Member

    Wow. You really do not give one fuck, two fucks, red fucks, blue fucks.

    RIP, 31 is so young. I will pray for him and for his family.

    Also, will definitely get back to cardio 6 days a week as soon as my broken foot heals up.
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    cvictorg Member

    If he had a heart attack at age 31 due to steroid usage and/or the fact he was overeating to maintain his weight at 400 lbs I have little, if any, sympathy for him.

    I feel sorry for his family.

    BUT - unless he had undiagnosed heart disease - he did it to himself. I assume we will know more after the autopsy - if the results are released.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o-JVG8aCbw"]Good Bye, Mike Jenkins - YouTube[/ame]
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    jp4355 Member

    That's a damn shame, way way too young. It gives you pause, to think that at any moment it could be you, or someone close to you.
    I feel especially sorry for his Wife.
    I can't imagine losing your soul-mate, at such an early time in a Marriage.
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    youngBuilder Member

    400lbs!?! What a beast. This is sad... Way too young.

    At 31 years old, I find it hard to believe AAS was the single largest contributor if he did in fact die from a MI. I have a friend who had a heart attack at 26 (no AAS whatsoever) and was clinically dead for 2 minutes until he was revived. He, like his dad, were just genetically prone to heart attacks and accelerated arteriosclerosis (his dad had 2 heart attacks before 30).

    He's 34 now, lives normally thanks to a cocktail of meds he has to take everyday, but he's still at high risk for an MI at any moment.

    If that was true, Ronnie Coleman's and Jay Cutler would be posing on stage with artificial hearts.

    What do I know anyway...
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    jacked44 Member

    Very sad indeed. Whether or not it was related to AAS use, the human heart can't support 400 lbs.
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    RagingWilly Member

    This is really sad... I followed this guy since he won the 2010 Amateurs.
    Much respect to this man, my heart goes out to you and your family Big Guy.

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