Mike Tyson Used His Children’s Urine to Pass Anti-Doping Tests


Tyson first shared his secret to beating anti-doping tests in his 2013 autobiography “The Undisputed Truth”. Tyson gave full credit to a device called the “Whizzinator”.

The Whizzinator was a device designed to help athletes and drug-tested employees fraudulently defeat drug tests. The device featured several different fake penises of varying skin tones including white, tan, Latino, brown and black). The kit also included dried urine, syringes and heated packs to keep the fake urine at room temperature.

Gomez asked Tyson what he thought about FIBA AS Monaco basketball star DJ Cooper. Cooper had been suspended for two-years after a drug test revealed that he was supposedly pregnant. Cooper had apparently attempted to use his girlfriend’s urine with the Whizzinator. But little did he know that she was pregnant.

Tyson revealed that he also used his wife’s urine to defeat anti-doping tests. But he realized that he risked being exposed if his wife happened to be pregnant. He found an easy solution. Tyson collected the urine of his children to pass the drug tests.

The Whizzinator was developed by Puck Technology. The product was banned after Puck President Gerald Wills and Vice President Robert Catalano were convicted of conspiring to defraud the United States government and conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia. Wills was sentenced to six months imprisonment and Catlano was sentenced to three years probation.
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They could have gotten away by selling the Whizzinator as a sex toy.
For fake-piss drink play or something like that.


When I was in charge of drug testing your pants went to your knees or the floor if your dick hung that low.

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