Mild sides from tren

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Thesauceboss, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Hey guys, I just started running tren ace (first time using this compound) at 400mg every week, along side t400 at 500mg every week. So far 400 mg's is working some magic and haven't yet experienced the main sides besides a couple sleepless nights. From what I have heard of people's sides on tren ace, it can be a nightmare. I've been on the tren for 2 weeks now, and I haven't really seen much besides more vascularity, and am training like an animal. haven't gotten the sweats, or noticed any prolactin issues so far. I am planning on running tren for 8 weeks, and am staying in a caloric surplus of around 500 calories, taking in about 4000 cals a day, training everyday, on top of a labour intensive job. Would it be a reasonable goal to add roughly 10 pounds by the end of this cycle, keeping protein, protein, carbs, and calories fairly high.
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    Not everyone experiences sides with tren.

    10 lbs is reasonable.
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    i only get mild sides from tren but still deemed it not worth it in long run IMO. i dont pass 400mf ew. i think many use too much nowadays. 400mg ew is a good dose
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    I've gained close to 30 in 6 weeks running 50mg/ed of tren ace and 25mg/ed test prop. 10lbs you must be starving... that or I'm just an abnormal case and respond very well to tren.
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    Also I'm running tren too at the moment, yesterday was my 2 week mark as well! Same thing going on with me as with you. Love tren
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    10-15lb of actualy muscle off a cycle is good IMO...
  7. Spooby

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    I suppose so, seems like the average from all the logs I've read. I feel like a weirdo now. I kept over 20 of what I had from mine. This has just sparked my curiosity
  8. Juced

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    howmany cycles have you done before this one? first cycles tend to give you a bit more if training and diet are in check. but after a few , yes this seems the norm like i mentioned.
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    Everyone reacts and makes gains differently as there are many factors for this.
    First and foremost is Genetics. Do you have the structure, amount of muscle fiber, body type etc.
    Then you have Androgen receptors. Some guys balloon up on a simple cycle while other increase just a little.
    Obviously we have training, diet and rest.

    Even a non-mesomorph should be able to gain a solid 10 pounds of muscle on a simple cycle with proper Training, Diet and Rest/Recuperation. While those with better genetics can gain 30 pounds with haphazard training, diet and recuperation.

    You work on what you can control.
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    tren didn't show its sides until week 3 for me. Up until then, I thought most dudes were unstable because I felt fine.....then week 3 came and whooped my ass.
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  11. Thesauceboss

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    This is my 4th cycle, the other cycles were just a basic test / var, and test with Anadrol
  12. Juced

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    Then i do agree that is a GREAT amount you gained. i thought you might say it was a second cycle or something.
    I mean its possible ofcourse. but like you said seems to be on lower end, not 20-30lb.
    you got good gains man!

    for me tren sides come arounf 6 weeks ( mild night sweats pretty much) but by week 8-9 i start to feel a bit crappy and lazy and by week 12 irritated and moody. i usually stop at week 10-11 last couple times i used tren (i like trenE)
    for me i rather use teste and maste or deca. I might use tren again one day. but i LOVE a nive 750mg teste cycle with an ai and maybe another mild compound tossed in. : )
  13. Spooby

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    Yes it was the first time I ran tren. I suppose that's why. I'm an ectomorph but I have high levels of natty T that shears come back after cycle. I'm 23, first cycle was sust @ 500/w, gained about 35lbs in 14 weeks. Lost quite a bit of it. Second cycle was the low dose tren and test I mentioned. That packed on the 30 in 6 weeks and I keptmost of it, I think because it was actual lean mass and note water bloat.before I ran tren my T was in the mid 800's I can't find my damn blood work. After I recovered it was in the high 700's I think. I recover pretty well. This cycle might fuck me up a bit though lol
  14. intel

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    I am on tren A right now (actually about to go pin right now) and I haven't had any sides at all and strength and everything on it is amazing. Since I usually cut after my cycles (very slowly) as soon as I start lean bulking a bit and add carbs in my veins start to come out, so I don't truly know if it's the carbs, tren, or maybe both (i'm thinking a bit of both).

    10lbs should be a very reasonable goal if everything is on point (if it not on tren it should be if you are every close to a reasonable everything).
  15. The further you are in your development then the less rapidly / suddenly you will make size gains or increases in scale weight. Eventually you have to resign yourself to the fact that you won't be making 10,20,30lb jumps in scale weight every time you blast. On top of that, it's been my experience that with tren making big increases in scale weight is particularly hard.

    I would say that if a lifer is carrying a supra-physiological amount of size then a 10lb increase in scale weight is pretty up there with a compound like tren considering a lot of guys report more of a recomping effect even in a surplus. This has been my experience as well, but for me the appetite suppression is especially bad on tren.

    You won't know how much of this is applicable until you complete your cycle though, too hard to guess any of these things with any certainty.

    My suggestion would be to continue eating at a surplus and increase kcal if the scale weight is staying still but don't obsess over the weight gain aspect beyond that. I don't know if you will finish the cycle with a 10lb increase in weight, but with what you have outlined you will definitely see an improvement in body composition.
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    This post is right on point!!
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    GHRP-2 and 6 help with the diet woes.
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  18. Gunrunner

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    I believe its either GHRP-2 OR 6 OR IPAM AND CJC.
  19. antipcman

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    I currently do GHRP-2 & mod grf 1-29 (CJC no Dac).
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    Why are you running tren at 18?