Millard on the run?

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    Wtf man...
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    I'm apologizing to Millard as I don't even have to ask if this article has any truth to it as far as what's said about our fearless leader. What kind of misinformation won't they print over at that shithole, evolutionary. What a crock of shit.
    The pic they say is Sambuca is not Sambuca. Its a file pic of the leader of the bust Sambuca played a minor role in back in 2011. Sambuca and the guy in the pic were both Philly cops at the time of that bust.
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    Inner circle of mods and admins at meso lol
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    1 Wow
    Dynasty Labs was an underground domestic source which operated out of Maryland. They have been operating since at least 2011 according to steroid forum postings and were known as being very inexpensive but also inconsistent with mixed reviews. Sites like Meso-rx (now thinksteroids), Steroidology, and MuscleChemistry were pushing them as a reliable source. Rumors are that Millard Baker, the owner of, was involved with pushing this operation in the USA. He is now in Europe, Spain or France, hiding out; though, this is not confirmed, these are rumors from his inner circle of moderators and administrators on forums.

    2 At large or not, at least he still managed to ban @jano.

    3 The guy in the pic ain't Millard, is the cops chief: Philadelphia Police Officer George Sambuca

    4 Dynasty labs wasn't pushed at Meso. In fact, most haven't heard about it.

    5 I just realized it links to EVO, that says it all.
  5. Isn't this considered defamation?
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    Sorry u guys are off on this one.
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    Far off info. He was locked in in 2011 as an police officer
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    What your not in the group?

    I'll tell you what, send me some shine and I'll make you a moderator;)
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    Can't Millard sue for defamation?
    Would he sue evo or the actual poster?

    Where the fuck is that lawyer dude that just joined?
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    Millard is the biggest narc of them all. He is collecting info through Meso and delivering it to the feds. :eek:

    Just thought I'd pig pile on the nonsense train. Millard ain't a narc!!!
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    I wonder who I pissed off at EVO for such a lame libel attempt?
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    No. When you qualify your statements by saying things like "the rumors are", "according to unconfirmed rumors" or "I heard a rumor that"... you can legally get away with almost anything.

    It can be a fun exercise limited only by your imagination and creativity. You should try it sometime. For example...

    "I heard a rumor that EVO admins are <FILL IN THE BLANK>."


    "EVO writer Alfred Wolfgang is <FILL IN THE BLANK > according to unconfirmed rumors."
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    sounds fun, can I play?

    "EVO writer Alfred Wolfgang is full of dylan gemelli sperm according to unconfirmed rumors."

    That was fun! We can certainly get more ideas to fill in the blanks.
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    According to evo writer Alfred Wolfgang, Dylan Gemelli shoots blanks according to unconfirmed sources.

    What is up at Evo?
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    The only things I ever heard about dynasty were bad.

    Possibly I'm out of the loop for sure.
  16. SLANDER !! EVO SUCKS !! How low can they go ?? o_O :confused:
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    This is wrong in so many ways.....
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    Anytime I think about/ see the word HCGenerate my blood boils a little bit.
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    Never know. It's like CNN vs cbs vs abc vs espn vs hbo vs BBC