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    Anyone ever tried giant sets like Milos advocates? I've been trying them at the end of my workouts, and guys, I am so fucking sore and pumped after them.... Milos basically uses these to "justify" the usage of insulin, forcing your body to drive the nutrients into the muscles rather than fat.... The metabolic demand on your muscles from these sets must be INSANE, maybe there is something to them? Either way, they are hard as fuck and test your will.... That's for sure.

    I did this yesterday for my chest, give it a try, good luck:
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    I remember an article in a muscle and fitness or flex magazine from early 2000's that was all about Milos doing this. Of course, they didn't mention insulin in that article but later on I became more aware of what was going on there.

    I'll see if I can find and send to you, it was very interesting... I'd be down to try it.

    From what I recall, he would have these bodybuilders start the giant sets and go in a rotation basically. When they were done with the giant set, they would mix and drink a combo of sugar, amino acids, creatine and maybe a few other things I can't remember. I'd really like to reread that article, knowing what I know now, and fill in some blanks with the drug usage... I remember the guys he was working with were all vomiting due to the intensity lol.
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    Yes, that's exactly correct. I have the "prescribed" insulin protocol and the drink that you speak of from a pro who was trained by Milos (I think I sent it to you?).... Basically EAAs, ton of carbs (he uses cyclic dextrin now, probably used different carbs back then), creatine, glutamine and NAC.....

    Jordan Peters said he never put on more muscle than when he trained with Milos. But, it was also beyond taxing and demanding. You can see how he influenced his training in his more recent posts, as he incorporates this metabolic work at the end of his lifts (like what I mentioned I'm doing). Still using the old school P/P/L training (heavy sets to failure of 8 reps) then finishing the workout with some metabolic work (normally giant sets, some drop sets, etc.).
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    Here's an excerpt, it doesn't mention the drink they were using... It was 2007.

    Flex Excerpt: United Nations Of Muscle!

    I remember you sending me that drink recipe, the bell didn't ring until I read what you said about giant sets lol. I'm pretty sure I have a copy of that magazine still. Have to take a trip down memory lane this evening.
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    Would this type of training be as useful if not taking insulin? I am aware of finisher sets to induce a pump and therefore shuttle nutrients to the worked muscle tissue, but I will not touch slin (thought about metformin but there are too many reasons why it proves to be ineffective). I do take an insulin "mimetic" that seems to have a noticeable effect and can cause hypoglycemia if taken without enough carbohydrates. Do you think something like that would suffice with Vitargo S2, Creatine, EAA, and Glutamine?
  6. I known I’m just climbing on board, but that video is fantastic...honestly, I think I’d be done after the first rotation. On a more serious note, however, I imagine I’d have to be at the at like 4 I’m the morning in order to have all those stations available when I need; I like how packed the gym usually is. Also, how effectively can this be accomplished without a workout partner?
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    Ah, yes, the "gym being packed" is truly the biggest hindrance here. What I do is just start and take any - insert muscle group - machine/bench/rack available and knock out a set, then move to the next (when it's busy). Sometimes the order is different, that's just the nature of the beast when you don't have a private gym.... Still same effect, more or less.

    Without a partner it is tough, that's why I tend to do the free weight movements earlier in the giant sets, then machines/smith towards the end... That allows me to worry less about hurting myself, and more on focusing to absolute muscular failure....
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  8. Good suggestion regarding free weights first than machines.
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  9. I’m looking at Milos vids on YouTube, and I have to ask, are these yester-years giant sets what the industry today refers to as high volume training, such as what John Meadows advocates?

    Oh man, not to mention, but sleep/recovery must be a critical component in such a training regime...
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    No... John Meadows does something almost entirely different. His version of "high volume" is more in regards to frequency, i.e. training a muscle group 3x a week for 4-6 weeks.

    Milos is more of an advocate of DESTROYING a muscle one or maybe 2x a week... That's not what Meadows uses for high frequency. You push your muscles, but not to failure, multiple times a week using Meadows method. Not one appears to be better than the other, so I would suggest cycling the different methods for a more full spectrum approach to training.
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    I'm curious if there's anyway of getting my hand on this "prescribed insulin protocol", seems like something interesting in a bulking phase.
  12. I’m aware you’ve tried a number of Meadows programs, which would you say fits the description you provided in the quote?
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    The Sentinel, The Gauntlet and Taskmaster seem to have been the most "like" what I believe you're looking for :)
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  14. I’ll look further into it. Thank you.!