Mini stash (Altered Genetics)

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by Dr. Savage, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Dr. Savage

    Dr. Savage Member

    Test p
    tren a
    Frog juice

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  2. ulfbehrt

    ulfbehrt Member

    What's in that frog juice dude? Nice stash btw :)
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  3. Dr. Savage

    Dr. Savage Member

    Thanks man, frog juice is
    25 tren no ester
    25 test no ester
    25 Dianabol
    25 Anadrol

    It's a pre workout
  4. ulfbehrt

    ulfbehrt Member

    Now that sounds yummy :)
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  5. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    im interested in trying this place. but cant really find any reviews
  6. Dr. Savage

    Dr. Savage Member

    I'm starting my log this Monday on only their oils. They have/had tons of reviews on Reddit sst to the public before they shut that section down. Ill log it all under 'cycle log' section
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  7. Hillclimb95

    Hillclimb95 Junior Member

    Someone opened another one and that seemed to get shut down as well.
  8. SmallWoody

    SmallWoody Member Supporter

    How do you like the pharmasource test?
  9. Dr. Savage

    Dr. Savage Member

    My first cycle was with them. Maybe my nutrition wasn't as spot on like it is now but I just didn't get as good results. I'm not saying they're bad or underdosed. It has to most likely be my nutrition because I've seen tons of people leave good reviews from PS. I'm just personally trying to stick with domestic if I can

    Edit: I'm not currently using PS test
  10. 1Reaper6

    1Reaper6 Junior Member

    he was very reputable on reddit stt. his bloods were always spot on and i ran one of his cycles. just sucks i lost his contact into when i lost my password for tutanota email
  11. Dr. Savage

    Dr. Savage Member

    There's a new sst site with all the sources broski
  12. Nusuka strength

    Nusuka strength Junior Member

  13. Nice one. At this point, i'd go ahead and scrap that account. Not just because it's lacks security, but you may receive some "offers" from shady members that hide in the shadows looking to pluck the low hanging fruit of Meso.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Too late lol