Mirtazapine/remeron on cycle

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    Hi guys

    Has anyone been taking mirtazapine/remeron on cycle for general mood enhancement or depression? If yes, whats your experience with it?

    I been taking it years before and i think it had a positive effect but not sure since i dont remember that well.. not sure if i should take it again or no
  2. G.I. Bro

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    Remeron literally will improve sleep and REM level sleep. There are several studies out there showing improvement for REM stage sleep. It hits the histamine receptor. It's an older generation anti-depressant. It will make you a little groggy the day after until you get used to it. It's main side effect is weight gain. It will increase appetite and specifically cravings for sugary carbs. For this reason, newer generation ssri are prescribed with less sides. It's usually only sought these days for someone who is depressed and has major issues sleeping.

    If you want to sleep better and gain body weight (not necessarily lean tissue), have at it. But it's a pretty dirty choice in terms of sides for the reasons stated above.
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    I used to take mirtazapine back in the day. Never in conjunction with aas, but man do I miss those heavy sleeps and the appetite boosts. My shrink at the time was prescribing some other antidepressant, and I asked her, while we're prescribing things, if she could prescribe anything that would boost my appetite, because at the time I had none. She prescribed mirtazapine and olanzapine and they both had a heavy effect on sleep and appetite. Doesn't necessarily answer your question, but that's my experience with it.
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