Mixing oil and water injectables is same syringe

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Patuba, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Patuba Junior Member

    What happens when you mix water and oil-based injectables in the same syringe. I mixed oil based Test E and water based B-12 in the same syringe. Will the water based B-12 mess up the oil based steroid?
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    stonecold67 Junior Member

    Mixing oil and water

    I would not do it if it were me.
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    jaysmithinwesson Junior Member

    thats fine
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    Pablo escabar jr.

    Pablo escabar jr. Junior Member

    That's fine, it might make for an uncomfortable injection, but mixing water and oil based in the same pin is alright Bro.

    Pablo Escabar Jr. :cool:
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    UVX-Rx Junior Member

    They can explode violently and open up a portal to an alternate dimension....

    On second thought... it is fine. Just give it a little shake to homogenize the mix before shooting.
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    Dart Junior Member

    Dis ok mang.

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    jayce Junior Member

    LOL! From reading other posts, some sensitive people just might take you seriously and flame you here for spreading bad info!
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    skywalk Member

    its fine. you can shake it but you dont need to. just watch carefully when injecting, cus when you get to the B12, it's gonna go in a lot easier so you have to reduce the pressure on the plunger. I did B12 with prop every other day to cut the pain, and B12 also helped increase appetite. definitely worth doing if you can be bothered.

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    dzl66 Junior Member


    just did that yesterday... I'm fine
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    Hillbilly Junior Member

    I do it all the time, But like skywalk said be careful when you get to the B-12 because it will go a hell of alot easier.

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    diesldud Junior Member

    I have done it before. looked like i was inj a lava-lamp. i asked this same questions on some other boards and got back pretty much the same as you have so far. i did get a couple that had some horror stories of infections.
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    ramboj70 Junior Member

    LMFAO, lava lamp, I did water test susp and sust 250 once I wanted to jump start the sust, boy did ever jump start. felt like shit for a week, but its ok go ahead and do it!
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    Neodavid Junior Member

    What bad info...

    I've DONE that alternate dimension thing man, and it works.

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    UVX-Rx Junior Member

    Yep... I met a hot alien bitch over there.. until the spatial time rift pulled me back over to my dimension. Then I shot a winny/tren dart into my quad.

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