MK 677 and Fasting

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  1. Giza

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    Planning to use 12.5mg of MK 677 in the morning and 12.5 in the late afternoon (before bed).

    I have read some say that it doesn't matter if you eat around the time your take it. I have heard others say you want to be fasting for an hour before taking and an hour after taking it. Which is it?

    Would consuming 4.5g of carbs, 3.5g of fats, and 15.5g of protein throw off the effectiveness of MK 677?

    Also are their any supplements that should not be taken with MK 677?
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    I don’t know the science behind mk677 but from what I’ve read on here it’s supposed to raise igf numbers like hgh. If so, that makes me assume it may work the same way? So it wouldn’t be a matter of diminishing effects but of possibly becoming insulin resistant (diabetic) if not being fasted.

    Like I said, I know very little about mk677 so you may not run that risk like you do with hgh and not being fasted.

    Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in. I think @Holidaypay has talked mk677 recently
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    Not at all.

    MK doesn’t circumvent the natural gh production processes, it just enhances whatever pulses you would naturally have.

    So if you had food and your insulin is elevated, no gh will be pulsed, MK or not
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  4. Xragexx

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    Thanks for clarifying this
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    All I can say to this is good luck fasting on MK bro! If you can I applaud you.
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    I personally take my mk dose at night before bed. I stop eating 2 hours before I take it. It isn’t easy for me as I get really snacky before bed, especially for shit carbs, but it is helping me keep my gut from going out of control.
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