Mk 677: Bill Roberts and Michael Scally

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    Would i like to know about Mk 677 by Bill and Dr Scally?

  2. JackSmooth

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    Idk would you?
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  3. Demondosage

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    Mk677 is for fat fucks. It's gotta be the most hyped up bullshit on the market rt now. I've used it once and all it did was slap on a bunch of shit water weight and make me hungry and lethargic as hell
  4. Demondosage

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    No offense to anyone who likes it, I just think to call this shit "oral HGH" is a pretty far cry from HGH
  5. TRT

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    Have you seen the igf results? They're good.
  6. Rosconow

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    Too bad for you.
  7. ThE SiCkNeSs

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    Weren’t you hyping up Ostarine a few years ago? Sorry but you are wrong. There is plenty of blood work out there showing how effective it is, and my results of running it by itself tell me otherwise.
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  8. Demondosage

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    Ostarine was legit, but I didn't have a good experience with mk as I just held a shit ton of fluid!!! It was like dbol bloat x2 for me
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  9. Demondosage

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    What brand were the igf results taken from?

    Also, do you see mk being effective at lower doses ran longer? Do you feel it would help with sleep? Maybe I just used too much and slapped on too much too quickly. I did gain a ton of fluid from it
  10. Rosconow

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    Mk is a long run slow game.

    The "tren heads" wont like it cause it actually takes some time. Not an instant gratification compound.

    And yes, lower doses will mitigate sides, pretty much like everything.....
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  11. lilhawk

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    Why not just get some GH? All these bullshit peptides, Mk677, etc. all trying to mimic the effects of real GH. So why fuck around, as none of them compare to pharma GH, none. Do people trick themselves into thinking they are working? Get some good GH and be done with it. I guess if you can't afford GH, then save the money, as thats a better option too.
  12. Rosconow

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    There's no tricking if real mk is working. Why not have your own body produce its own hormones? Making your own gh takes bio-identical to a whole different level.

    Unless you've sourced the real deal mk677, you'll never really know. But hey, i must just be a fat fuck spouting off about some shit peptide....
  13. TRT

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    I think it was Panda or this other company that the member who did the results gave me. I think it was Chester. Don't qoute me. I'm brain fogged right now from a long day work.

    HPLC testing says it's real.
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  14. mands

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  15. bob hughes

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    So what are the desired or expected results from MK? I know it boosts IGF1, but what does that do in and of itself? The studies I looked at showed a boost in GH I believe the first day, and somewhat after that but not as much. And no change in body composition at the end of the study, like you would expect with GH. Or at least no fat loss, or gain in muscle. Maybe some weight gain, but no strength gain, Which would tell me it was water weight. I know that people report strength gains, but the scientific studies have not shown that from what I’ve seen. GH has been shown to improve body composition lower in fat specifically. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with MK. If gaining muscle is the goal, that seems to be a very tricky thing even with using GH, And far from guaranteed. My understanding is that raising IGF levels is by no means a guarantee to gain muscle. Not knocking this compound, I’ve never tried it and it definitely sounds interesting, Just curious what the expected results are and whether people are actually seeing them.
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  16. fodsod

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    Here's a decent article with citations and links to the studies to show the benefits of igf-1 and you can draw the the beneficial conclusions for increasing it as they relate to your goals.

    16 Science-Backed Benefits of IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1)
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  17. bob hughes

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    Interesting, so I take it you're a fan of MK? If so Have you gotten noticeable strength or muscle gains from it?
  18. fodsod

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    I have seen some very reasonable results from MK use on its own when I was testing and learning its effects on my system early on. Fullness was present at all times and the pumps were impressive. Both of those factor into stronger more effective lifting for me.

    Can I say 100% that I gained X amount of muscle just from MK? No, of course not. There are too many other factors involved in my regimens but I did add it in while using protocols that I knew what to expect and it definitely contributed to increased results.

    I use it now combined with GH to push my IGF levels up higher to keep from having to add more GH. MK always adds 20-30 points per very 25mgs to my IGF number even when on GH. I have several posts over the last 2 years with blood work attached specific to MK results while using GH. Also, it doesn’t seem to contribute to insulin resistance like adding more GH would.

    Currently, I use it in the off season due to the sides already mentioned. The hunger, water retention and overall look it promotes is ideal for bulking not so much for show prep.

    I’m not going to claim its amazing and you’ll get better sleep and all that crap people typically talk about. That’s all too subjective to me. I stick to what I can see and prove.

    So yes, I am a fan of MK. The bang for your buck as an off season addition is a no brainer for me. I buy it in bulk and cap it myself so I can control the exact amounts and assess the quality of the product. You’ll know real MK within a day of starting it. That feeling of your blood sugar dropping and a starving hunger is unmistakable.
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