Mk-677 experiences??

Are there any females with experiences on MK 677? Just want to start the Conversation because I have not heard any first-hand experiences with women using it.
So I am posting because my fiancée has been taking it along side myself for some time now. My dose is 25mg per day, hers is 5mg per day, taken 1 hour pre bed. Her goals are just general health and wellness. I will note she seems very very sensitive of it and had almost all noted effects on day 1.

Things on her part that have been noted is greatly improved quality of sleep (80% of the time), even sometimes sleeping a lot less (going to bed 11pm and waking up fully rested and alert at 4am). Without mk677 she wakes at 7am.

Second to note was increased appetite first thing in the morning. She would wake up absolutely starving 90% of the time where as normally she would eat around 9-10am, as opposed to within an hour of waking.

Waterweight/bloat has been minimal, as of week 8 maybe 3 pounds. She weights 129 at 5ft5 currently. This is very much diet related.

Anyhow I hope this helps. If you have more specific questions just ask. I’ve personally been using it for about 3 years now.