Mk-677 is shortening my sleep cycle

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  1. zenmonky

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    this is my 2nd cycle of mk-677 from IRC and have same problem as first time. im waking at 4pm. ive tried dosing pre sleep, dinner, 2pm, lunch. no go. last nigh i went to sleep at 9pm. woke at 2pm. ive dropped the dose for this week to 5mg. weird thing is im not tired. ive googled mk677 and sleep cycle.s and hgh and sleep.
    im asking here because there seem to be people with deep knowledge of such biochemistry.
    can mk reduce needed sleep? anyone else getting having this happen? im kinda freeking because ive never got by on less then 6 hr sleep and im 50yrs old.
  2. Evom1

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    Well, can't imagine you'd be tired with 17hrs of sleep. ..
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  3. Morefyah

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    Quick question, do you think hgh improves sleep?
  4. zenmonky

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    2am. this forum doesnt have edit? i get to look like an idiot 4evr?
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  5. zenmonky

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    i did generic hgh for almost 6 yrs straight. it improved sleep onset and quality. if anything, the improvement in quality allowed me to get more restful sleep. so i am doubting im getting enough on mk. cant find anything online. thats why im asking here
  6. Morefyah

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    Just curious because HGh is the worst thing to ever happen to my sleep. I thought it would be the opposite. After asking a few vets with way more knowledge then me on hgh, I found I’m not the only one and terrible sleep on hgh is VERY common. I’m glad it helped you though.
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    I think it's 15 minutes and then your stuck with your words
  8. This is a really good question, despite the glaring typos. :p

    While i've never used MK/Hgh, i know that there's some nights that i wind up getting 4 hours of sleep and i'm actually more energized than when i get 8+.

    The problem is, i can't do it continuously or i feel burnt out after a few days.

    i'm curious. How many days in a row have you been getting by on 5ish hours of rest? And how is it affecting you? Any brain fog? Forgetfulness? Getting sick more often? Stuff like that.
  9. Apexvallen

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    Mk677 screwed with my sleep for sure. DIdn't feel particularly rested and felt like I tossed and turned a lot. Going to try it with a silenor tonight to see how I go.
  10. zenmonky

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    the first cycle last year was horrible, only a gram over 6 weeks. i was really burned out. this time ive been on about 9 days. im ok. i live a healthy lifestyle so i usually feel better. i felt great all summer, now im ok.
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  11. zenmonky

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    dropped my dose to 3mg for the last 2 days and got over 8 hr sleep each night. going to up the dose 1mg to see if there is an acclimation effect.
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  12. zenmonky

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    just an update. up to 8mg a night and its still waking me. i read that l-theanine improves quality of sleep and i had some from a previous experiment. i take 200mg before bed and sleep like crazy
  13. Apexvallen

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    Interesting. I find I do fall asleep easier on l-theanine but I don't get any extra REM. maybe a tiny bit less on avge.
  14. fodsod

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    I can't say that GH or MK677 make a difference in my sleep. I run up to 50mgs of MK daily split am/pm with no noticeable changes in sleep. I also run it with GH at 50mgs ED and 5-6uis of GH with no issues.

    I use a combo of GABA, Mag. Cit., Melatonin and Doxylamine Succinate nightly and that shit knocks me out unless I'm running tren then nothing works.

    You might try Magnesium Citrate at 200-400mg before bed. MC helps you stay asleep and sleep deeper once you're out. A large part of the population is deficient in magnesium so you might have that going on also.

    Magnesium - How it affects your sleep - Your Guide to Better Sleep