Mk 677 legal status?

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by Goingstronger, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Goingstronger

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    Anyone knows whether Ibutamoren is considered a peptide or a SARM by law?
    In which countries is it illegal to sell/possess?

    Can you guys also please comment:
    - in which country do you live?
    - how often do you get your Mk677 seized when it’s coming from overseas?
  2. According to Wikipedia (yeah, i know):

    "Since MK-677 is still a Investigational New Drug, it should be noted that it has not yet been approved to be marketed for consumption by humans in the United States."

    From what i understand, it's legality resides in the gray area with SARMS and peptides. i wouldn't be surprised if it finds it's way to the list of banned substances.

    Government thugs appear to dislike anything that gives our kind a boost or edge in performance and muscle building.
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    I’ve also been wondering this as I want to order some MK677 from USA but not sure of legalities. I’ll probaly just order one bottle see if it passes customs no problem