MK-677, prolactin and caber/prami

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    It seems like mk677 is skyrocketing my prolactin, since I'm getting gyno flare ups. I'll be getting bloodwork to verify whether or not raised prolactin is the cause.

    On to my question: Caber is known to reduce serum GH and igf-1 levels, so would I be wasting my time and money trying to combat the prolactin issue with caber during mk usage? Has anyone used caber with MK and still got great results (preferably with bloodwork showing elevated IGF-1)?

    Since prami doesn't seem to have this side-effect, I'd assume my best bet would be to use this rather than caber. I'd much rather go with caber, since it's hard to find a source for prami right now.
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    Don't use caber as a bodybuilder it is one of the most foolish things in the industry. Use an AI and you will be fine on your cycle.

    Yes, you are correct. Caber lowers igf-1, makes no sense for bodybuilders to use that considering they pay so much for a GH kit...
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    Theres a whole lot more to be concerned with dopamine agonist than serum GH

    I mean i can get that people arent in the health departement but just google prami or caber side effects for christs sake

    And yea wait for bloods because i can assure you a lot of the mk677 going around is anything but actual mk677
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    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i didn't think gh spiked prolactin or estrogen? Thought that was only a side of excess test and or derivatives.
    I take mk677 ( long term cycles) and when i got bloods pulled when just on that, nothing was out of normal range.