MK-677 Thyroid Question

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    Hello everyone, from 2 months I take MK-677 at 30mg daily with multivitamins. I have just done the thyroid blood tests and these are the results.
    TSH 2.22 mUI/L
    FT3 5.00 pmol/L
    FT4 10.8 pmol/L
    TPO 0.3 IU/mL
    TG 3.3 IU/mL
    I see that the FT3 looks high while the FT4 looks low. TSH seems to be normal instead.
    Does anyone know any interaction or conditioning that may have MK-677 on thyroid hormones on some people?
    Thank you.
  2. Gambale

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    Anyone? Thanks
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    All I know is actual Growth Hormone lowers T4. Would be interesting to know if MK677 does the same. Hopefully you get an educated answer.
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