Mk677 Experiences Please

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by gear shef, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. gear shef

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    To those who have used this compound please tell me your observations on its efficacy as part of your anabolic usage.

    What benefits to muscle gains can you truly attribute to it?

    I’m debating on ordering 4-5g from IRC.Bio after my contest and using it at 25mg pre-bed during my bulk
  2. Demondosage

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    Packed on a shit ton of water and ate myself stupid on it. For quick gains sure, but I'd rather use SARMS thay promote strength without the massive appetite side and water weight, such as rad140 and yk11 over mk, but some guys could definitely benefit from the hunger stimulation it generates
  3. gear shef

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    Well I’ll be using it with NPP and my trt so I’m not interested in SARMS. Just wondering if the MK is worth it
  4. Xlgx

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    10mg nightly. Keeps me feeling during the day and very restful sleep at night.
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  5. Demondosage

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    For myself the answer would be no. It made me hold too much and eat too much. If I was younger and a hard gained then maybe, but I'm a TRT guy who is just trying to stay lean and mean
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  6. ebkallday

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    Same as Demon. Made me hungry beyond belief, tired and around 10 lbs of water weight. May go well with tren for the appetite increase and the Tren will help keep the water down....
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  7. fodsod

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    MK is good for bulking not for cutting. It doesn't promote fat loss like GH does. It definitely increases IGF. I have blood work posted showing an increase of 70 on top of having been on GH for 5 months running 30mgs ED. I've used 50mg ED for months at a time added to my normal gear with some good results.

    It will give you some crazy pumps and will definitely cause water retention (ankles and feet) same as GH does. It's a nice add on to a bulk cycle due it helping keep you full and stronger. It does stimulate appetite some (at least for a week or two) but you get used to it pretty quick.

    As a stand alone product or with a mild anabolic I wouldn't bother with it. If you're bulking and running a good combo of an androgen with an anabolic base it's worth adding.
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  8. gear shef

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    Perfect answer bro, I greatly appreciate your input. Who do you personally use I was thinking of because of their consistent quality standards and testing. Although I am curious as to who you use because it seems as if you’ve had good success and numbers come out
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  9. fodsod

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    Unfortunately I also had to jump around suppliers as it's been a bigger hassle to find a solid regular source for MK than AAS or GH.

    The last MK I got was PPL and while not super cheap it was good.
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  10. gear shef

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    Thanks bro, you should look into for ur next run If you haven’t already.
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  11. Xlgx

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    What about mike Arnold’s mk677 product?
  12. Goingstronger

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    Brings my appetite back

    Makes me look full and fill my shirts nicely

    I’m yet to draw bloods 2 weeks from now to see the extent of igf-1 increase