Mk677 Experiences Please

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    2 days since I started MK677, 25mg/day, already have bigger appetite and weight is up with 0.7 kg (1.5 pounds) but water retention is in the right places, not on my belly
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    Just know if the water becomes to much adding in 200mg of aspirin 2xday should help. Aspirin is a vasopressin which helps eleviate edema/bloat
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    I’ve been lurking and reading this thread for a while and the info you guys are providing is great. I decided to run 20 weeks of MK-677 at 12.5 mg/day. I’m cruising now but will do a simple blast of 750-1000 Test at the end of August to put on mass. Starting weight is 255 lbs. would love to get up to 275 lbs.

    First thing, I usually mix powders into Ora-Plus with a little mio flavoring, simply shake and that’s it. When this came I tried to do the same think and fuck, the MK-677 just all clumped together. So I had to transfer everything into a little bullet blender. Thankfully that worked. If I run this again I’ll go the milligram spoons like OGH.

    2 weeks in and I’ve definitely noticed an increased appetite and I feel warm/flushed all the time. I fall asleep and sleep well but some nights I need to piss 3-4 times. I’m up 5 pounds so far.

    No idea how it’s effecting my body chemistry (you don’t feel any different) but just the added appetite is a big benefit.
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    Good lord y’all are still bumping my old ass thread lol
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  5. Its a good thread , keep it going . 3 days in nothing to report , there might be an increase in appetite . Will keep informed....
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  6. PS- I started a "old ass thread" 5 years ago , its still going....:rolleyes:
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    This will be day 3 at 15mg. I've been taking it before bed and I wake up starving a few hours later. Might start taking it in the middle of the night.
  8. Alrighty - we got a real powerlifter on board , we"ll see if mk-677 makes you any stronger ! :rolleyes: :p
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    That's the idea. I didn't get the numbers I wanted last year, so now I'm trying anything that might put a few pounds on my lifts.
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    Glad you you decided to take the plunge. Noticed any strength from it. I haven’t dose it that low, so I not sure if you will notice a increase of strength like I did off the bat, But I would think your muscles would feel a tad more full at this point.
  11. If anyone should notice a strength increase it should be you since you lift by numbers more than a BBer does. Goodluck @Perrin Aybara .
  12. Perrin Aybara

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    I'll probably go to 25mg soon. I just wanted to start low in case of lethargy. I've been running HGH most of the year as well and dropped down to 2iu daily when I started the MK 677.
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  13. Your going to keep the GH at 2iu plus the mk-677 ?
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  14. Perrin Aybara

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    Yeah, I was planning on it. Need all the recovery I can get on this blast.
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    I am coming to the end of my first 30days, about to place another order, I am up 11lbs from 203lbs. Yeah I wake up in the middle of the night now, with night sweats, similar to tren. It started for me around week 2. Not sure if it the effect it’s having on the metabolism or if the excess sweating is from the increased pulses but I dose at night. I notice the sweating increases after I eat. The nights where I stay fasted all night I wake up much drier, than when I wake up in the middle of the night and eat.
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  16. I see some guys doing both ; I weighed out going with GH but decided to see if I could just manipulate and increase my own reserves with mk-677 first . If I can double or more my baseline numbers I"ll be happy .

    I never seemed to need much natural GH to gain muscle , so the belief that additional testosterone/AAS is much more important for muscle size/strength seems to ring true , at least with me .
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  17. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Reading all your stuff you’ve been posting is the reason I decided to give it a try! I started it at 25 mg and I was warm all the time. Had a couple bad nights of sleep when I was just super hot and sweating so I dropped it down to 12.5 mg. I’ve been on it 2 weeks, currently cruising so not really doing progressive overload at the moment but everything does seem easier. The increased appetite is REAL though and that in itself is a big benefit.
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  18. Perrin Aybara

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    I'm waking up around 196lbs most mornings right now. Cut down from 211lbs earlier this year. If I can make weight at 198lbs in October I will, but I don't mind competing at 220lbs.

    I'm running:
    750mg test cyp
    500mg deca
    50mg a day of dbol first few weeks and last few weeks
    2iu a day HGH
    Currently 15mg a day of MK 677, but may go up to 25mg soon
    Halo for heavy days and meet day

    Been waking up in the night a lot the last couple nights on MK 677. Might be the hunger, not sure. Been taking the MK before bed and HGH in the middle of the night. Will try swapping that. Also I'm fasted from 6ish PM to 6ish AM most days.

    I like it for the recovery and help with staying lean. Also noticed maintaining strength and muscle on a cut is better with HGH.
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  19. The GH seems to benefit us older folks (and short kids ;)) the most . And compared to testosterone the amounts of GH we secrete is very small in nanograms . Preg women and kids produce much more than adult men....
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    Right on, yeah I am interested to see if my body’s temp rises shortly after having taken it. You mentioned being warm, same for me. I usually run hot, but literally sweating my brains out all day now. I find My sleep is soo much better, it’s only when I wake up to take a leak like you mentioned hat I noticed that I am drenched in sweat. Otherwise it hasn’t gotten to the point to where it has negatively effected my sleep. I am gonna run another month at the 25mg at bedtime. Then as long as sides don’t become unbearable, which I don’t see that happening, I am going to switch my dosing to morning time, do that for 2months and then go to morning and bedtime protocol. I originally gave myself the goal of 6months on it. I think most of the studies were for at-least 60days. Personally, I wanted to monitor igf1 for 6months sort of like I was told about hgh early on that if I was gonna use it that I should invest at-least 6months with it to really reap the benefits. Not sure if there is an truth to running mk677 for 6months but when I followed the 6months hgh protocol my first time using it I was much happier with results that when I just supplemented it in for a 12wk blast.