Mk677 Experiences Please

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  1. Yes it seems whether you use mk-677 or HGH it works much better long term , like 6 months or more . Im planning on it long term if I can tolerate the sides...
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    I know the studies are still really young as are the experiences long term with it. It almost seems like that in the future that mk677 might become more or less a foundation alongside test, in most peoples cycles. Most of the guys I know that have a really problem eating enough kcals during a blast, have found mk677 to literally be a saving grace. And for the use with compounds such as Anadrol Because drol inhibits appetite for most ,unless during prep, it seems almost unbeatable.
  3. Last night I really felt it , woke up twice but the last time was sleep bliss , really went into some deep sleep . Been a long time since Ive had that , hope it gets better .

    Then this morning the weights felt like Styrofoam , light as a feather . Hard to believe it would be the mk-677 this soon but it is what it is , I think so . If this is the way its gonna be , bring it on ! :)
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    All that extra food is making you strong. A byproduct of the hunger side from MK677
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    Has Anyone ever tried proven peptides mk677?
  6. If mk-677 has such a short half-life (6 hrs) shouldnt we be taking a morning and evening dose ? Just wondering...:rolleyes:
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    How are those Ebay scoops working out? Are you just using a level scoop and chasing it with water?
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  8. I found that it took 2 scoops of the large scoop (25-30mg) to weigh 25mg . I didnt use turmeric , I just emptied 2 large scoops into each capsule .
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    So you dump straight from the scoop into the capsules? What size capsules? I'm about to order some scoops and capsules because this stuff tastes awful. I'm taking it in the middle of the night now straight off my scales and I wake up in the morning still tasting it.
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    Thanks. I am trying to figure out if I am going to cap it. Since it taste terrible it might be a good idea...
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  11. Cap it and take it with water . You wont taste a thing...

  12. I just got the medium size gel capsules . The cheaper the better...
    I went thru Amazon but your local health store (and Walmart) should have them...
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  13. I stand corrected . Now it says the half-life of mk677 is 24 hrs not 6hrs like I saw elsewhere . At 24hrs Im sure once a day is all thats needed...
  14. Any improvements noticed with joint or tendons/ligaments for any users here?
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    Also looking into this for a buddy. Would it be ok to do a MK677 only cycle? without any test. He is natural.
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    Yeah ive noticed it joint relief like deca lol.
    Of course mk677 isn't susspresive.
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  17. Im now on my 2nd gram of MK-677 (last gram lasted 6 wks), and I definitely feel/see a difference . Ive also got severe stinky feet and B.O . enough its highly noticeable to my wife and myself . And I also have more appetite , all day . Im gonna get another GH/igf-1 test soon to see what difference there is to my baseline report .

    PS- I was dosing between 25-30mg per cap last gram , Im going to 45-50mg on this gram .
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    20mg has my dreams trippin the fuck outa me. As well as water weight.
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    Man my thread has stood the test of time.

    FYI I have 90 extra capsules of a combination that I made. Each cap has:

    -20mg RAD140 (strongest SARM)

    -10mg YK11 (Myostatin Inhibitor / SARM)

    -10mg MK677 (Growth Hormone secretagogue)

    Hell of a stack. One a day is more than enough. Two a day if u want to be a monster about it.

    Those interested PM me. First to pay gets it. $150 shipped