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    Just want to log my experience with mk677. This is my first time running what I believe to be legit mk677. I say that because I’ve got it twice from a local supplement shop and never experienced any of the common side effects typically reported. Also had no benefit what so ever. I looked online and decided to go with rawresearchlabs. Because they sell it in powder and I could just cap it myself.

    I had bloods drawn on the 8/10/18 for IGF amongst other things. My IGF results pre supplementation are 79 ng/ml on a range of 80-231 ng/ml. So technically low! My testosterone was out of range >3000 lol.

    I started supplementation the night bloods were drawn at 50mg/night and...Holy smokes. I was kept up for about 6hrs with an insatiable appetite! It ruined my sleep because of how potent the appetite stimulation was. The second night was the same. So on the third day I switched to morning dosing. Still huge increase in appetite but manageable. With the new dosing protocol I fall asleep fine and notice I only need around 3/4 of the sleep I normally need to obatain the same amount of rejuvenation. I’ve also put on 9lbs in 6 days, maybe food bulk and water but feels good and my muscles are very full throughout the day.

    Going to draw bloods again around the 50 day mark for IGF and see what happens. I’ll update this log at a minimum of weekly.

    I can’t wait to see my new bloods. I’m %99 sure this mk677 is as legit as it gets. If I could hit over the reference range that would be awesome. So far two thumbs up for this company.

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    Your igf is 491??
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    I don’t know where you are seeing that bro. My IGF is only 79.
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    I looked in the wrong spot.. I saw the top left of the page..
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    If it’s 491 after this I’d be ecstatic lol. Hell im just hoping to hit 200 on the next draw
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    If it is I’m jumping on that shit
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    Stay tuned bro, we’ll find out soon enough!
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    10 Days of Supplementation

    -Appetite increases after ingestion are gone, thank god lol. I was pounding food for like 7 days.

    -hands have been slightly swollen. My wife really noticed one day and commented on how my hand felt massive compared to usual.

    -still supplementing in the mornings with 50mg. I get no lethargy or sleepiness during the day

    -still seems as tho I am requiring much less sleep since beginning supplementation

    -weight has stabilized at 220 for the last few days

    That’s about is for observations at the 10 day mark fellas.
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    20 Days of Supplementation

    -still dosing 50mg in the morning

    -appetite still normal, no huge increases at all anymore

    -weight still stable at 220

    -sleep is still good, good energy throughout the day

    *something of note which is very interesting. When I started the MK I had literally just come off a bulking cycle with several anabolics. When I started the MK I went down to only taking my TRT. What’s interesting is I haven’t lost any size in these three weeks at all and strength has gone up. Bench went from 315 for 5 to 315 for 8 (yesterday). BB row has gone from 225 for 5 to 225 for 7. Not entirely sure if it’s the MK doing this but I feel like it is because no variables have been changed except stopping the anabolics which would really indicate its the MK...maybe my body is responding well because my IGF was on the low side...
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    its better and more cost effective to take generic HGH from a good source
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    I don't know about cost effective. I'm on 25mg mk nightly for almost 2 months and am loving it. Muscle fullness, pumps, but water retention and numb hands on the downside.

    I've never done gh before, but telling my buddy who has about my sides, he figures my sides are the same to when he was taking 4iu ed. But take that with all the salt you need. Just an anacdotal report.
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    Hard part there is finding a good source!
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    DAY 27 of Supplementation

    same updates as last..literally nothing has changed. I don’t think I will do another update until the 27th which will be day 49 and I will have bloods drawn for IGF on that date.

    Unless anything changes I will not update again until bloods are drawn.