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  1. tylersburden

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    Coupl Gs of mk pow pow from purplePanties. Any luck on the quality of the samrs?
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    Yo dawg we speak English.
  3. Let me take a crack at translating this.

    Coupl Gs of mk pow pow from purplePanties.
    i have procured several grams of MK-677 raw powder from Purple Panda Labs.

    Any luck on the quality of the sarms?
    Any1 got da 411 on da legitness uh dis pow pow?
  4. I have no idea why I'm sitting here laughing so hard at this.
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    Thanks. .. It's freaking amazing :D
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  6. @MisterSuperGod
    I just wanted to report that it's been 2 hours since I've read that comment and I'm still laughing.

    Also my favorite part of this post was when he spelled SARMs as samrs.

    The illiteracy is strong in this one.
  7. Deus

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    op what are you asking here? take another shot at it
  8. The question is, does anyone have first hand experience with SARMs from PPL... This question is being asked AFTER he already purchased them. Ass backwards, i know, but that's the question nevertheless.

    PowPow :D
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    Thanks for translating :D
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    Pow pow huh? I must be getting old
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    I say that shit to my 3 year old when he’s acting defiant.
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  12. Post of the year.

    Pow Pow
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    Thats what I thought too :rolleyes:
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    Fucking nailed it pimpin!

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  15. tylersburden

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    He did an amazing job at it to!!!
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