Modalert (modafinil) Innovagen

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  1. slydog

    slydog Junior Member

    Any Members interested in modafinil, I recommend trying this product.

    I’ve used 200mg Modalert from India and the Innovagen product is comparable...even in 100mg tablets.

    Great for waking up or staying up late.


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  2. Wayacrucis

    Wayacrucis Junior Member

    Last time I tried Inno their injects were great, but orals were really bad
  3. the_drugs_had_nofx

    the_drugs_had_nofx Junior Member

    I'd really like to try Inno.
  4. bitboy

    bitboy Junior Member

    Who sells it here?
  5. FiEnD

    FiEnD Member

    Ive used Modcats and it was a terrible experience
  6. Graftman

    Graftman Junior Member

    Its a really common prescription for shift work...have you talked to your doc about a prescription? In some places its even covered for the right reasons.
  7. FiEnD

    FiEnD Member

    My doc says he wont touch stimulants.

    Go over to duck dose
  8. Graftman

    Graftman Junior Member

    I saw pg anabolics in canada has pharma grade mod