Money Gram requiring ID now

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by G2Ready, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. G2Ready

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    Mg lady told me “MG is cracking down”

    There now requiring pic Id and recording driver license number.....

    Just a heads up....

    I know they have cameras anyways, but now names and info might not line up for some if ya know what I’m sayin

    Be careful my friends
  2. Xlgx

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    Same with WU? Or only up to a certain $$$ amount?
  3. G2Ready

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    WU ain’t never took a senders id —-

    But My friend always do smaller separate orders

    Mg use to be over like 900$ I think they wanted I’d (not sure on amount)

    Now she said Id even on 4 dollars

    — I’ll never advise anyone send more than 700$
    For one name
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    XTRALRG Member

    Can we all say police state!
  5. G2Ready

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    XTRALRG Member

    Requiring to show id in order to send funds has got to be at the request of LEO don't you think? Police state meaning constant loss of freedoms.
  7. G2Ready

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    Think mg just got bought into a company called xrp..crypto currency company... and is making adjustments according to New policy’s

    There trying to tap into blockchain technology to make money available faster...

    Ur mg probally requires id now to... if in US

    Give it a shot

    XTRALRG Member

    Call me paranoid, but I have never and will never send funds when it requires me to show ID at the same time, not for my "tools" at least. In my day it was always WU with fake name and sent to a PO box.....easy as pie. Funds via mail always worked well too, but I always used well established operations so I felt there was little risk.
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  9. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Paranoid That’s the way to be :)
    MG was a little cheaper— but now with needing ID— WU is the way to go until they also require —-
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    XTRALRG Member

    I haven't used WU in some time, how much can be sent before id is required?
  11. As early as mid 2017 (not sure about prior to that) i've been asked for ID to send MG from Walmart and from another (local) chain grocery store.

    We only have 3 places that do MG in my area. The third place is in the rats nest part of the city, so i'm unaware if they require ID or not.
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    XTRALRG Member

    Times are crazy man........CRAZY no!
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  13. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    Maybe it is by state then.... I’ve never had to show ID... Until very recently
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  14. That could very well be. i haven't used WU in many years, and now i'm curious if they require ID here as well?
  15. master.on

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    Anyone knows about WU?
    I'd readily exchange some Btc in Cancun or a dark alley (in America) if Btc weren't so volatile.
  16. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    WU same day as mg that required I’d


    At least for my friend
  17. Xlgx

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    The only time I used WU they asked for my id. I told them I don’t have it and they let it go. Then again. It was def no more than $500.
  18. Cramps88

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    The last two times I used WU I had to use my ID and that was in the last 4 months.
  19. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Sounds like WU doesn't have a standard procedure for IDs. How much is their fee? MG charged me around $20 last time I used them.