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    Hey Guys,

    I'm MK. I'm an American born Chinese who currently resides between America and China. My goal is to bring the community a new fresh source for high quality raws that beats the current competition on Price, TA, Stealth and quality. We will continue to add to our already awesome list of products.

    Every batch that our factory produces is Hplc tested on site to ensure quality Our stealth is beyond awesome and our shipping speeds are fast for International.

    We will always price match -5% of any other vendor on the web

    Here are photos of some of our current stock, my girls tits, our Hplc machine at the factory, and some of the most current test reports for the highest selling raws.

    I would like to also give the Meso community a 15% off discount on top of our already awesome prices: MESORX
    for listings using escrow please find us on

    tits.jpg raws 1.jpg raws 2.jpg raws 3.jpg raws 4.jpg raws 5.jpg raws 6.jpg hplc 1.jpg hplc 2.jpg
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    WechatIMG21540597516_.pic.jpg WechatIMG31540597517_.pic.jpg WechatIMG41540597517_.pic.jpg WechatIMG51540597517_.pic.jpg WechatIMG61540597517_.pic.jpg WechatIMG71540597517_.pic.jpg WechatIMG81540597517_.pic.jpg WechatIMG91540597518_.pic.jpg WechatIMG101540597518_.pic.jpg WechatIMG111540597518_.pic.jpg WechatIMG121540597518_.pic.jpg WechatIMG131540597518_.pic.jpg WechatIMG141540597518_.pic.jpg WechatIMG151540597519_.pic.jpg WechatIMG161540597519_.pic.jpg
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    I mean.... It is Friday.
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    Tit pics are out. We now require a finger in the fun box with meso written on the finger.
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    Not enough tit pics
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    Tit pic is the only pic without MESO and the date written on it
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    @MonkeyKingAnabolic give me your opinion on panda

    And a pm of your girls butthole would be nice too
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    Yeah she would have been pissed if she knew I was posting it.

    I think he should have just stuck to selling raws and international finished if he was deciding to live full time in China. When you have to outsource work to others there is always room for error. Which we have seen from his domestic time and time again. I'm considering opening a domestic line of finished products once I return back to the states in a couple of months to live full time again.

    WechatIMG291540601753_.pic.jpg WechatIMG301540601753_.pic.jpg WechatIMG311540601753_.pic.jpg WechatIMG321540601753_.pic.jpg WechatIMG331540601753_.pic.jpg WechatIMG341540601754_.pic.jpg WechatIMG351540601754_.pic.jpg WechatIMG361540601754_.pic.jpg WechatIMG371540601755_.pic.jpg WechatIMG381540601809_.pic.jpg
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    We will need more pics of her then so we know you're telling the truth.

    Vial is badass btw.
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    Ok. Your vials are fucking doper than fuck and I don't talk like that. Is it a monkey head shape???? Are all like that??
  13. Is that a fucking monkey vial?
    Points for being unique, i'll give you that.
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    Yes its in the shape of a monkey head. I spent about a month having them custom made. This is the 3D mold they are based on. The pictures don't do them justice

    WechatIMG391540603017_.pic.jpg WechatIMG401540603031_.pic_hd.jpg
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    So why did you come to meso?
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    Also on your website the "about us" tab says that you are a group of experienced Brewers and lifters. Does this mean there are multiple Brewers? If so what is the "lab" set up as far as sterilization, filtration, etc.
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    Cool vials
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    What's the point of putting in all the effort to making a monkey shape vial if you're only selling raws?
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    He sends the monkey vials with the raws so you can put the finished product in them :D
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    MonkeyKing? For Fuck Sakes. Porn or GTO
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