More Extortionist Threats Made Against Panda

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by purplepandalabs, Aug 7, 2019.

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    We have been receiving emails and wickr messages from an extortionist trying to extort money from us. He claims to have hacked our website. Which is impossible. All of our clients information is deleted regularly. Only thing that is saved on our website is our customers accounts which consist of an email. He has so far not provided any tangible evidence to his claims.

    All of the information of orders that are pending or in transit are stored offline from our website on a secure database used by the Chinese government and military. It is one of the most secure databases in the world. No pertinent information is actually stored on our website. He claims that he will post a list of all the information he has if his demands of $30,000 are not paid.

    Like I said previously, he has not been able to give me tangible evidence of actually hacking my website. Which my website is encrypted and so it the database which stores our information that is on the website.

    If some list is posted the information will be fabricated and by no means any of our clients actually information. Because as I’ve said orders are deleted regularly.

    This extortionist is also targeting other steroids vendors who have websites.

    This individual is a blatant liar.
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    alright, but this isn't in your thread why?
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    In this case I would consider an additional thread to almost be necessary to make sure this important information is not buried in that large source thread. Of course I do believe that it should be posted in the source thread as well @purplepandalabs
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    @purplepandalabs i saw that @DragonOrdnance posted screenshots of the Wickr message sent out. Can you verify that this is an identical cut and paste letter of threat just like the one you recurved? If so it just looks like the asshole is phishing
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    No kidding. Definitely caught my attention!!
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    I’m sincerely hoping he meant it has the same security as the Chinese government and military.
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  9. ....o_Oo_O ?

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    Lmao. Is this really such a suprise? Wasnt PPL the one that was supposedly/allegedly storing and selling customer info on the dark web a couple of years back? I remember reading something about a raw supplier doing this, just dont remember for sure if it was PPL. My apologies if I am mistaken.
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    Man, good thing the Chinese government doesn’t cooperate with the US.
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    Lol, the irony!
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    Why don't you post the messages so maybe someone here can connect the dots and find out who he actually is?
    They called out @Sak if I'm not mistaken.
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    It’s probably the same guy or a copycat that has threatened BoP and all of their sponsors.
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    Isn't all of Meso's user info stored on the same secure database as USADA, WADA and the DEA?
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    The "hiding in plain sight" method of security? Hmmm.
  17. Woo woo goes the siren from the forum police. Woo woo.
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    Warnings turns into fuck I shot my toes off gawd dammit!
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    A former mod on BOP insinuated that the said "hacker/treatherner" is Pain himself and it was deleted rather fast and the guy banned (not 100 about the banning part).

    The post is deleted, but one quote is still there and not deleted.

    "You bet it's fucky. I warned multiple times about shady practices on this forum and lost my mod position.
    DWBO is a good guy but Pain is the man behind all the hackings." scam - Page 2
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    Yo @purplepandalabs, hit me with a fat 15K or I'm uninviting you to my birthday.

    Make it snappy, I gotta re-up with Monkey King.