More female attention on cycle. Is it pheremones?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stanfoo, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Stanfoo

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    Read many accounts of people saying they get way more attention from girls when on cycle (testosterone). One would think it's due to behavioral changes/feeling more confident, but is there any truth to the pheromone claim? Can girls literally smell the testosterone emitting from you?
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    They can’t smell it enough to leave their rich cuckhold husbands for your ass, that’s for sure.
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  3. NorthMich

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    Don’t be so sure... :cool:
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  4. DrankSlangin

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    Humans can’t smell pheromones quite like other animals can. One of the most attractive things to women is confidence. Not over confidence or arrogance, just plain ole confidence and many guys have more of it the higher their test is.
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  5. Eman

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    ^ This

    Although, I do wonder if there is something going on with tren and pheromones... You hear about it often from guys running it.
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  6. Jankauskas

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    It’s just because when people are on tren they usually feel like they are the king of the world and they are more confident.... that’s what I believe anyway.
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  7. Eman

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    You may be right, but I've heard enough case reports to wonder if there's more to it. We may never know!
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  8. DrankSlangin

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    Interesting. Hmmm def worth looking into.

    I think it’s more likely a combo of confidence, body looks amazing while on tren and sex drive off the charts.
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  9. 350lift

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    Yeah the pheromones come from the metabolite called ———— which is a hormone that comes before testosterone I think it comes from dhea, so my theory is that if androstenedione is responsible for pheromones testosterone would lower pheromones since it shuts down everything before it. Unless test can somehow be converted back to AD. Not too sure exactly because I’ve read lots of reports too from people saying they notice stuff. I had the hormone wrong these are the two.

    Androstadienol and androstadienone are odorless compounds secreted by the apocrine glands, and via conversion into the more powerfully-odorous androstenone and androstenol (catalyzed by aerobiccorynebacteria, particularly Corynebacterium xerosis, in men, and Micrococcaceae spp. in women), are considered to be mainly responsible for the "musky" component of axillary (underarm) odor.[1][2][3] Androstadienol is synthesized from pregnenolone by the 16-ene-synthetase activity of CYP17A1,[4] and is converted into androstadienone by 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase.[5] Male sweat contains approximately five times as much androstenone as does female sweat, which can be explained by sex differences in androstadienol and androstadienone

    This is why it’s hard to believe this because these are synthesized from pregnenolone. If pregnenolone is shut down on cycle then it wouldn’t produce these metabolites unless somehow testosterone can be broken down back into these. Androstadienone, also known as androsta-4,16-dien-3-one, is an endogenous steroid that has been described as having potent pheromone-like activities in humans.[1] The compound is synthesized from androstadienolby 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, and can be converted into androstenone (a more potent and odorous pheromone) by 5α-reductase, which can subsequently be converted into 3α-androstenol or 3β-androstenol (also more potent and odorous pheromones) by 3-ketosteroid reductase.[2]

    Idk the entire hormone map and all the pathways and enzymes or we would have an answer.
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  10. chileandawg

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    If you need roids to be more confident you have a serius problem of real steem.

    Further,thats a addicted's troughs.

    You need to learn how to be a real man in the real world.

    Hope this help

    PD.woman "smell" or have an increades perception of the testicular aromatization.Not the "sperma-itself",not the"test it self".Cuz those are elements that the woman system - an estrogenic system- see like legos of your own system in terms of her homeostasis/female autopoiesis.Not a Duke Nukem logic.
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  11. master.on

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    I've wondered the same thing too
    but I get the same attention right after taking a shower, even with a scented bodywash so smell makes no sense.

    I believe it's attitude based.
    Women pay attention to you when you're NOT paying attention to them, because you're on-cycle or just busy doing your own things.
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  12. barneys

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    Pheromones can be "smelled", but not in a conscious way like smelling a perfume, where one can say "this smells like lavender".

    Pheromones are "smelled" in a subconscious way, kinda like how the menstrual cycles of women living in the same household synchronize after a while.

    Humans are animals when it comes down to it. We're no different than monkeys, lions, etc. We're just more intelligent that's all.
  13. Oldschool

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    My wife doesnt like me to run tren. I have tried to hide it but she can "tell". Within a week on ace and about three weeks on e. Crazy.
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  14. barneys

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    Yes, pheromones can be sensed (or "smelled"in a subconscious way).
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  15. NorthMich

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    Isn’t he referencing behavior that tips off the wife?
  16. Wunderpus

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    It's 100% real....
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  17. Wunderpus

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    Hmm, my girlfriend can "tell" when I'm on tren... She says it causes a physiological reaction whenever she's close to me, much more intense than when not on tren. I wouldn't say my physique or confidence levels change much at all within a day or two of being on tren, however, she can tell.
  18. 350lift

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    You should ask her to elaborate I’m curious
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  20. Girth

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    At some point you all will get to my level of wisdom, and realize that what women think, don't think doesn't matter. Every woman you surround yourself with simply slows you down in your quest to accomplish anything and actually earn the air that you breathe! Harsh....maybe? True......For sure!
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